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D-6 ?

Next week, DPAPIck will finally became the first opensource tool (GPLv3 licence) which is able to deal with DPAPI structures as well as the first tool that can do so from another operating system than Microsoft’s !

It has been entirely re-written in Python and only requires OpenSSL for decryption to be fully cross-platform. It is coming along with several applicative probes that embeds the decryption logic specific to each application that uses DPAPI (eg. Google Talk, Skype, Wireless keys, Internet Explorer, etc.).

And we are not releasing DPAPIck v0.2 alone ! It comes along with other surprises that we let you discover on August 🙂

Until the public release, you will be able to meet us, for the lucky ones who are attending BlackHat USA 2011 or DefCon 19. And if you are attending BlackHat, do not forget to go and see our presentation of OWADE, our new advanced forensic tool !

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No, we’re not dead !

Pour la population francophone intéressée par DPAPI, nous avons rédigé un article qui sera publié dans la revue française MISC pour son numéro 56 (Juillet/Août).

Il reprend l’analyse des structures que nous avons publiée à BlackHat DC 2010, en incluant quelques corrections et quelques unes de nos avancées. Des bouts de scripts Python permettant de déchiffrer les structures sont également fournis dans l’article.

Nous continuons nos travaux sur le sujet et DPAPIck a été entièrement réécrit en Python pour faciliter les développements et les tests. Cette version devrait prochainement être mise à disposition de la communauté.

For non-French people, the above paragraphs are telling that we are about to publish an article about DPAPI in a French magazine that includes code snipplets in Python to decrypt the structures we talked about at BlackHat DC 2010.

We are still working on that subject and our tool, DPAPIck, has been entirely rewrote in Python to help us adding new features more easily. This new version may soon be made available to the community. Stay tuned !

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Let’s talk about roadmap

I recently discovered that Bitbucket is not duplicating the issue tracker while forking a repository. Thus you don’t have any visibility on what’s going on for DPAPIck and that’s why I’m writing this post.

So, as far as we are going, this is why we planned to release for version 0.3:

  • EFS Certificate recovery
  • Inline documentation
  • bin tools rewriting to keep only one binary and link it to the probes (usage should be similar to volatility for those who are familiar)
  • Okteta support but low priority for this one…

Inline documentation is already done, EFS private decryption is done too but we need to add a PKCS#12 export function to keep the certificate with its private key and make it easy to work on EFS from Linux.

The bin tools rewriting is stale for the moment as I need to focus on another project. But as soon as I have time to go back on DPAPIck, I will finish this part and release a new version. Okteta support may be for a further version.

If you have any suggestion, any wish-list to add to our roadmap, feel free to leave a comment ! This blog is here for that kind of stuff too