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Trouble Shooting Internet Marketing Problems

As you have seen from previous posts, I am very familiar with a lot of 4 letter words. These were not prevalent in my vocabulary until I stated to market products online. So to sum up – here is what you might encounter when making a sniper site, amazon estore, or promoting CPA offers.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been sitting in front of my computer so frustrated I wanted to smash my fucking head through the monitor. Don’t let this type of thing happen to you. I am going to share with you a few techniques to prevent you from doing this yourself. Mostly this is common sense stuff here, but a lot of us (me included when I was just starting out in internet marketing) are desperate to make any kind of money online. We don’t give a shit if it is just one sale a day, we just want to sell something right now!

There are many things to look at when dealing with problems. The main ones are traffic, low CTR, and just plain not selling shit online.

Traffic. The way, the golden ticket. Everything, no matter what you are marketing has to have traffic. I don’t like to pay for mine, but I do on occasion because this is a business, and you have to think about it that way. Everytime you logon to do some work, just becuase you aren’t sitting in a cubicle stuffing coffee after coffee down your throat, means nothing. I sit on my couch when I work. Its comfortable and makes me feel like I am doing this more for fun, but I always keep in mind the business aspect of my work. If traffic isn’t coming into your website organically, you may need to step back a bit and think about all the things that may or may not hurt you in driving traffic to your webpage. Are your articles long enough? I have gotten away with a few sniper sites that only had three articles a piece on them, but mostly I shoot for 4 or 5 articles at least 500 words a piece. Is your online SEO where it needs to be to drive traffic? Remember to mention your main keyword at least 3 times in your article and stuff the rest of the articles with longtailed LSI keywords. You would be suprised who finds this site and the search terms that they put in that brings them here. Turn off the computer and think of ways you might be screwing the pooch, write them down and take a time out. Trust me, the money will be there when you get back. I am guilty of wanting results NOW so I would produce sloppy pages and shitty onpage SEO.

Low CTR your problem? Is your soft sell page a little too soft? Do you review the product honestly and put a picture of your face next to the review so that the people who visit the site actually see a real, and relatable person is the one who wrote it? Are your affiliate links correct?? This is a big one. I don’t give a shit if you put thirty five links on your page, manually click every last one of those bastards to make sure they go where they are supposed to go. A lot of Clickbank affiliates will even cloak your affiliate ID on their homepage so instead of it just says Go to the order page and scroll all the way to the bottom and make sure it says {affiliate ID = yourname}. Do this on all your clickbank promotional sites. Remember the demographic example I had in an earlier post . If you are selling cosmetics chances are they are going to want to see a woman’s face, not a goateed Scots-Irish dude selling eye shadow. Keep these things in mind.

Tweaking takes time as well. Very few occasions will you find that one tweak to your affililate site will generate better results overnight. Tweaks often happen over a few days to weeks, especially if you are trying to rank higher in the SERPs.

Bottom line – Take a break! Trust me, you will returned more focused and able to laser in on your problems much quicker.

Dremel: Every Crafter’s Ultimate Multi-Use Tool

If you’re unfamiliar with Dremel, they are a major manufacturer of power tools in the United States of America. They were created in 1932 in Racine, Wisconsin. Their rotary tools, such as the Dremel 3000, 4000, and 8200 series, are more well-known.


Why do you need a Dremel toolkit?

You need a Dremel tool set since it has several applications in the home. From cutting to sanding to trimming your pet’s nails, we do it all. It’s a multipurpose item that you should have in your household.

What is typically included in a Dremel tool kit?

  • Bits de forage
  • Rolling sandpaper
  • Dishwashers
  • Polished cones or points
  • Router components

This is the bare minimum that a Dremel tool set should have. Some of the more costly ones may include much more, but it depends on how you want to use your Dremel tool to choose which kit to choose.

How to find the most appropriate one for you

Consider the following variables while selecting a Dremel tool, rotary tool:

Input of Electrical Power

In fact, the power input is determined by the motor’s amperes (AMP) or battery voltage (V). Therefore, if the tool is cordless, it will be much less powerful than those powered by at least 12V, particularly if the voltage is 4V or less. However, whether you like engraving or just doing your pet’s nails, this is the ideal power for you.

The stronger ones, which are at least 12V, can attain a high speed of 35,000 RPM or, if they are corded, at least 1.8 AMP. However, since they are heavy, you will most likely be unable to manage longer duties since your hands will begin to suffer. As a result, you’ll need to choose the optimal medium to ensure that you can complete the task without becoming exhausted.

RPM Rates

The RPM is an ideal benchmark for determining which RPM approach, comparable to the power output, is the best for you. The higher the RPMs, the better for vocations that need a great deal of strength (35,000). Additionally, sanding, scraping, cutting, and sculpting may be performed. However, a higher RPM comes at a cost and is not recommended when working with softer materials. Low RPM (5 000) may be used to gently polish or buff softer materials without causing damage to the substance.

Comparison of Corded vs. Cordless

Most power tools now provide a wired version that may provide certain benefits not accessible in the cabled version. Cableless rotary tools are more compact and provide access to difficult-to-reach locations. The rotary tool’s ease of use enables you to take up the job without searching for an outlet or an extension wire.

However, corded versions continue to exist for some reason. For cordless rotational instruments, lower RPM and lower power output are often offered. Additionally, because of their cableless nature, they must be paid at any point. Dragging a battery around and finding an outlet for a whole day’s work necessitates that you link it to yourself. If you choose to carry a cable to identify power outlets, the most efficient method is to use the rotative spinning tool, which has no memory concerns while switching between apps. Consider your job and environment while determining what is appropriate.


There are several rotary tool attachments available, each with its own distinct flair. To make almost any surface shine, buffing or polishing components only requires a little amount of wax or paint. Carbide bits and cutting wheels may be used to etch, slice, or even cut straight through metal. Rotary instruments are also available with a variety of familiar attachments for more routine jobs, such as drill bits and sanding drums.


Rotary tool kits are designed to demonstrate their many attachments, power output, and RPMs, and depend on the range of included components to do so. However, some models have already begun to include new capabilities, such as a more ergonomic grip or a USB loader in lieu of the standard loader. While the USB charging option was not the finest, it may be an excellent option for the often unsuitable consumer.

Upgrading your PC for gaming

So – you are a gamer? Or, at the very least you want to be a gamer. It is a very serious undertaking, an endeavor that should not be looked at too lightly. After all, gaming is not just a mere hobby.
It is a culture and even a lifestyle choice in some cases. Some games have thousands of web sites dedicated to them and others have entire conventions!
So be sure you are ready for a real change because there is no returning from this change of pace of real world jobs and people to online friends in the millions. Once you are ready – read on.


The games that you want to play (either now or in the near future) have a great bearing on what you want to add to your computer. If you are an online gamer there are things you would want and need that someone who hates online games but plays graphic reach games like F.E.A.R would need.
Keep your current limits in mind of course because some games you may never be able to play on your current system even with upgrades.


The workhorse of the computer the processor is what makes all your games work so well. How much data runs from point A to point B and it all translates in how smooth your game will run under some of the heaviest gameplay sessions you have.
Most games will run fine on your standard Pentium III and AMD Athlon chipsets. My personal preference is the AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor – especially with gaming as the processors can translate multiple strings of information.


Being able to save data into the cache of the memory to use as it is needed is very important to keep games moving smoothly. More memory translates into being able to regurgitate information that the software program uses often during the course of the game.
The memory also helps with graphic processing to make them smooth and non-pixilated. How much memory you need is up to you. Most games today, however, will not run on 512k very well. A minimum of 1GB in memory is a good start but 2GB is even better.


Obviously playing games involves graphics. On board graphics rarely does the trick so we are always upgrading to make them work for us more efficiently. ATI makes some killer PCI and AGP graphics cards. Always look for a graphic card that has memory on the card that will run independent of the computer’s onboard graphics. 64MB is a nice platform, but 128MB would suffice just fine.


You want to hear all those wonderful sound effects don’t you? Well of course you do. While in most cases your computers built in sound card will be good enough you may want to hear the full richness that the game designers intended. Sondblaster has always had some of the best sound cards on the market and should never be overlooked.