30 Traffic and Link Building Gambits

1. Write something amazing and current about your niche, email other bloggers and chances are that they will link to you.

2. Be Controversial, challenge what everyone is saying but justify why you are opposing it. People eat this stuff up and they will either agree with you or disagree and link to you to explain why you are wrong. It’s so easy. Look at the example of my recent post that got a lot of attention and page views.

3. Leave awesome comments on other people blogs linking back to your site (to find blogs that will probably gather some serious traffic look at Digg, Delicious and Reddit’s Upcoming or Hot sections)

4. Get on Yahoo Answers and answer peoples questions, make sure you have the absolute best answer so that you are always on top. Add a link to your site as a resource.

5. Add an email list, opt in form at a very prominent, hard to miss area on your site. Some people ue the hover method which works for them.

6. Add an RSS button so that people can subscribe. Don’t forget to ask people to subscribe. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

7. Ask people to subscribe to your feed either at the beginning or end of each post.

8. Review a product or company and ask them to link to you. People love free publicity and if you give it to them, they would want to link to you.

9. Add bookmark and share buttons to your site. Make t easy for people to share our content with the world. Hover bars like the one on this site works well

10. Submit your RSS feed to feed directories. ( Got upwards of 1000 views for a single post within two hours from a single post.)

11.Give well researched and thorough posts. If your posts aren’t researched enough, it will show. People will realize you are not giving any value and wouldn’t want to link or subscribe to you.

12. Optimize your post title for the keywords people normally search for. This is the first thing search engines see. I’m not saying continuously using exact match, too much optimization could penalize you but instead find a way of incorporating them. you can also use different variations.

13. Submit your site to hundreds of free directories. It may not be as effective as before but cumulatively, it does work to build links.

14. Conduct a survey in your niche, publish the results as a post and contact some bloggers and tell them about it. They might link to you if you just ask, they don’t all have to be A-listers. All you have to do is make sure it is relevant and really informative.

15. Get your RSS feed syndicated by using sites like hubpages and Zimbio.

16. Network with other bloggers. Make friends with other bloggers in your niche. That way, if you ever need a favour. They will be willing to help you out ( e.g. you are launching a product or you wan to guest post for them. )

17. Write Amazing Headlines. This is extra effective on sociall media sites like Reddit and STumbleUpon.

Check Out My StumbleUpon Traffic Series:

18. Link out to other bloggers. Don’t be stingy with the links. You want your readers to gain value, so provide them with a place they can get additional value. Bloggers also keep track of who links to them and will probably browse your site and link to one of your posts as a sort of thank you,

19. Get a good domain name, something catchy and easy to remember.

20. Brand yourself. Create a brand and promote it. Make people associate your brand with top notch content.

21. Take advantage of PLR content for your niche. Add a catchy title and post it to your site. You get a lot of new content and a lot of new traffic. It’ a win-win.

22. Use a commonly searched keyword or words as your domain name. This creates strong association within search engines.

23. Apply to be listed on Google News Search only if you firmly believe your site is high quality otherwise you risk rejection.

24. Get your site listed on All Top. You get pr7 backlinks and a good traffic boost.

25. You can buy advertising in others peoples mailing lists. Find someone within your niche with a high number of subscribers. Shoot them an email and start negotiating.

26. If you have a product, start an affiliate program or join one as a merchant and get people to do most of the promotion work for you.

27. Exchange links with a few related sites in your niche. Link exchanges still work if done in moderation. Don’t list your site or your partners site on a page just for links. This waves a red flag. Put them in a small blogroll. Maybe a maximum of ten quality sites.

28. Send articles to Ezine Publishers with a link back to your site.

29. Give away something for free. This is where ebooks and reports come in. People love free stuff. So use this as bait and reel them in.

30. Subscribe to my feed. That’s right

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What link building and traffic generation methods do you have?

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