5 Of Our Favorite Toddler Toys & Musings

The toys have taken over my house. At any given time, the floor of my living room is simply littered with brightly colored gadgets, blocks, balls, books, and probably a baby sock or stray cheerio. It’s a fact that I have just come to accept. A house with a toddler is going to be a messy house.

One of my daughter’s favorite activities is pulling the toys out of all the bins, boxes, and cubbyholes. She likes to move them around and hide them in the couch cushions or in her shirt. She likes taking things out and then putting them back in different containers. If she gets bored while playing, all I have to do is clean up her toys, and she will suddenly become interested in them again! It’s works like magic every time!


1. Shape Sorting Drum (Melissa & Doug) – This is Melissa & Doug’s take on a classic shape sorter. It’s round so A can roll it as she attempts to put the shape blocks in the corresponding holes on the drum. She hasn’t quite figured out how to do this yet, however. Mostly, she just enjoys taking the blocks out of the larger opening on the bottom, hiding the them under pillows, and then putting them back in the drum. Over and over again! The other night, I found 5 or 6 of the shape blocks at the bottom of the footies pajamas A was wearing! I love that the shape sorter is wooden. It’s so durable. I’m sure this is a toy that will last. As A grows and learns, she will be able to actually sort the shapes, create patterns, learn about color names and shape names, and so much more.
2. Classic Xylophone (Fisher-Price) – This is a recent addition to our toy collection. A just loves it! She loves songs, dancing, and watching music videos on YouTube. So, a xylophone was an easy choice for A. She sits with it in her lap, hits the keys with the plastic yellow stick, with the biggest smile on her face. She even dances to her own music. It’s so fun to watch. I’m sure this is a toy that she will love for years to come!
3. Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Sis (Fisher-Price)– This was a holiday present for A back in December. At the time, she was just 6 months old and I knew it would be a little advanced for her but thought she would grow into it. And she did! In the beginning, she would love for us to play the songs that “Sis” sings. Now that she’s older, she can use the toy herself more. She presses her hands, feet, and tummy to hear fun songs and rhymes. She gives “Sis” hugs and kisses too. That lucky toy gets more hugs and kisses from A than I do!
4. Foam Floor Alphabet and Number Puzzle Mat – Originally, I bought this mat to simply use as a floor covering in A’s play area. We have hard floors on our main living level of our townhouse and a foam mat was much less expensive than buying an area rug! But, it wasn’t long before A realized she could take the puzzle apart. Now anytime I try to put it back together (in order, of course)A is quick to tear it apart again. I have completely given up on putting it back together. Little A can take it apart as much as her heart desires. When she is older, this will be a great tool to practice letter and number recognition as well as fine motor skills. For now, it lives in a messy pile in the corner of our living room until A decides to play with it next.
5. Having A Ball Spin ‘N Slide Ball Popper (Bright Starts) – A got this fun toy as a birthday present from her grandparents. It’s not very educational but it is a blast to play with (when it works properly)! The balls spin around at the bottom of the toy while music is playing and are led into a tube where they get popped up, often to go flying across the room, and sometimes they make it down the slide. A loves it! She also loves filling the tube with the shape blocks from her shape sorting drum…which leads to a jam in the popping mechanism. Then we have to take the toy apart, get the blocks out, in order to get the balls to pop again. It’s a little bit frustrating for the grownups…but it makes A happy.

A’s favorites will probably change tomorrow! But these are the 5 toys she goes to the most right now. What are some of your favorite toddler toys?

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to review or publish my opinions on any of these products. They are simply my daughter’s favorite toys, at the moment, and I wanted to share them with you.


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