5 Steps To Positioning Yourself As A Leader

I recently attended a coaching call with one of the top leaders in the Network Marketing space. I wanted to share that information with you in order to help you build your business and position yourself as a leader in any niche. I am breaking this information up into a five post series as I believe that each step deserves it’s own post.

This information was from a guy that was in foreclosure in 2009, barely making $19K/year. He now has multiple 7 figure income streams and is paid a lot of money to coach and speak at various events all around the world.

You can position yourself as an authority before you have any major results. You will learn the five steps it takes to position yourself as an expert, even if you have no results. This can be accomplished part time, so all of you that are still working at a JOB, this information will work for you too.

The first step is the most important one of all. You must have a Vision. Now I know that a lot of people are rolling their eyes at this point, saying “not more of this psychological mumbo jumbo crap” . But having a Vision is the most important step. Goals are not good enough to keep you going on track. You must have a Vision of the person you want to become and visualize yourself in that role every day. Any coach or trainer that doesn’t talk about Vision is a waste of your time.

So how do you go about getting your Vision? Start asking yourself the following questions: What do you want to become? How do you want to be known? Stop focusing on the money and instead focus on the person that you want to become. All great coaches and successful entrepreneurs will tell you that once you stop focusing on the money, and focusing on who you want to become, the money will follow.

You must see yourself in better situation than you are currently in without justifying where you are. Most people project all of the bad things that might happen instead. That is why most people are stuck in their current situations and will never change. You must change your mindset and think like successful people.

Successful people have problems just like everyone else. The difference is how they handle and think about those situations. If they don’t have the money, they think how can they get the money. For every problem that comes up, they focus on overcoming that problem. This is completely opposite to how most people handle problems.

Also, you must eliminate the NSS in your vocabulary. NSS – Non Serving Statements. Maybe you are guilty of saying things like…..I don’t know what to do. Easy for him/her to say. It isn’t working! I don’t have the money. Just about every successful person has a back story that is worst than many non successful people. Oprah Winfrey had one of the worst upbringings ever – incest, rape, beatings, and more. Did that stop her from becoming a billionaire?

Don’t tackle yourself on the way to the goal line. Say things like I’m so greatful that the money is on the way. Play to win, not to see the loss. If you have been “where you are” for an extended period of time, you are holding on to something. Things like where you grew up, health conditions, bad childhood, lack of education – these are only excuses. You must let go and focus on who you want to become, not who you were or are.

Do you have a hatred of the wealthy? This is very common as most people are prone to jealousy and bitterness. Just remember that you cannot become that which you despise! You must change your thinking if you every want to become successful.

Maybe you’ve been trying to build a business for awhile and haven’t seen any success. What do you say when someone close to you asks you why you aren’t successful? Think about this for a second. Whatever you would honestly say is most likely holding you back. Here’s a tip – what is your definition of success? I can tell you that mine is growth and contribution. So if you are constantly growing by learning & applying new things and contributing to others by teaching or helping them, is that not success?

In closing, Goals are not enough to keep you going. Goals have to be coupled with the Vision of WHO you want to become in order to stay on the right path for success. And, if you are thinking of giving up, remember that quitting will NEVER speed things up 😉 .


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