5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Happy

As a dog owner, it’s important that you do whatever you possibly can in order to keep your dog happy. A dog that is happy tends to be more loving towards you, more protective of the household, and more willing to listen to what you have to say.

Some dog owners think that as long as they provide food and shelter, their dog will be happy, but this isn’t true. Dogs need so much more in order to remain happy throughout their lifetime, and the following tips will help ensure that you keep your dog happy at all times.

Your dog provides you with unconditional love and affection, and it’s important that you show them the same in return. You are everything to your dog. They don’t have other friends they can meet up and hang out with whenever they want. They can’t spend an entire afternoon shopping or going out to eat. They need you, and you are their everything.

If you want to keep your dog happy, it’s important that you show them just how much you care at all times. Pet your dog as often as you possibly can. Talk to them whenever you can in a nice soothing tone. By showing them just how much you love them, you will keep them happy.

While crate training is acceptable, it’s important that your dog doesn’t spend the majority of everyday locked up in a crate. Your dog naturally wants to be able to walk (or run) around, and they want to be able to curl up and sleep wherever they feel most comfortable. If you lock your dog up for hours while you’re away, your dog is going to feel miserable.

If you need to crate your dog because he or she has a tendency to chew, you should try to have someone come over once or twice during the day to let your dog out or take them for a walk. This way, your dog is not spending their entire day cooped up in a cage.

Another alternative would be to take the time to ensure you pet is well trained through the use of simple behavior modification techniques that are safe to employ . This will allow you to scuplt your dog as you see fit and keep them out and about throughout the day without the worry of them causing damage to your things.

Take your dog out of the house every now and then. Take them for a walk around the neighborhood, take them to a local dog park, or even take them for a ride in the car. Your dog will be excited just to get out of the house, and this will keep your dog happy.

Take some time every day to play with your dog. Go out in the yard with them and play fetch. Get yourself a rope and play tug of war. Take them swimming. Or even invest in a laser light and watch your dog chase it around the house. Playing with your dog not only keeps them happy, but it also provides them with plenty of exercise to keep them healthy.

Dogs enjoy getting treats from you, even if it’s just a simple milkbone. Make sure to give your dog treats when they’re being good (or whenever you want). It’s a simple gesture that will easily keep your dog happy.

Written by Andy Wilkinson


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