5 Tips To Get Retweeted On Twitter

If another Twitter users finds your tweet interesting, they pass it on (or retweet it). If one of their followers likes it, they can retweet it again (rinse and repeat). Retweets can exposes a single tweet to hundreds, if not thousands, of people all across Twitter.

Here are a few ideas to give your tweets the most viral potential:

1. Have a short username

Your username can be a maximum of 15 characters. However, with a limit of 140 characters, each one is precious. So the longer your username, the less room someone else has to retweet your posts, or @respond to you. You can change your username at any time. It is best to have username less than 10 characters in length.

2. Leave enough space to allow people to retweet

If you want to have your tweet spread throughout the twittersphere, make sure that you are staying well under the 140 character limit. Be sure to leave enough characters that someone retweeting your post can include your username and maybe a short comment of their own. If other users have to edit your tweets to meet the 140 character limit, there’s a good chance they’ll leave your username off or abandon the retweet altogether. Ideally, your posts should be 120 characters or less in length, or at least enough to include a “RT @username” in the retweet.

3. Share interesting and unique content

You don’t want to share anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to see on a billboard, but be interesting. People like to follow people who educate and entertain them. If you can do both, you’re golden. If you can, try and be the first to break the news within your industry. If you’re at a major horse event, let others know what’s going on (scores, news, any changes to the schedule, etc.) And if you can’t be the first, be the best–make your tweet interesting, funny or thought-provoking.

4. Use a URL shortener

You should always use a URL shortener when tweeting links. One of the most useful URL shorteners is bit.ly. Bit.ly integrated with tools such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite. Plus, bit.ly gives you some fantastic real-time stats that allow you to see how well your content is performing.

5. Mind your Ps and Qs

While there is some tolerance for shorthand, it’s best if your tweets use flawless grammar, perfect spelling and correct (and acceptable) punctuation. If YOU can’t be bothered to take the time to do these, no one will take the time to read them.

Bonus: Don’t be a robot

It’s okay to schedule tweets in advance but add your own spin and voice to them. Avoid copying and pasting headlines from other users because that’s what everyone else will be doing. If you add your own voice, other people will get a better idea of the type of person you really are, which can distinguish you from others. While automating processes can save a lot of time, they can also come across to other users as, well, automated.


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