5 Tips to Stop Living for Tomorrow

Time passes by so quickly! I’m not sure how it happens but one day you’re at home doing your homework because you’ve got classess tomorrow and the next you’re supposed to figure out who you are and make a life you love for yourself. It’s crazy. And because time flies so fast it’s up to us to make the most of it. How do we do that? By being present in the moment as much as we can.
Have you noticed that it’s our default mindset to live our lives expecting a better moment? We call it differently: Friday, the weekend, vacation time, pay-day. We’re always in a hurry to get to some point in the future and we tend to neglect the present. If you ask me, that’s no way to live. Living in the present moment makes you cherish what you are experiencing now – not reflecting or reminiscing – just tasting the present. And consciously constructing your life so you’re able to live this way is truly a blessing we all need to explore.
Because otherwise what kind of living do we have? Life is pretty much like an endless race to get to somewhere without ever having enough time to enjoy it when we do. Weekends are short and Monday is the worst word you can think of. When you scroll down your feed you’re constantly reminded of just how excruciating Mondays are and how unbelievably short your free time is. Do you really want to make this your way of life? Or do you want to make some effort and create a living you like every single day? You can enjoy the beauty of now no matter where you are and what you do for a living – you just have to notice it. Not sure where to start? How about….
* Practice gratitude. Being grateful has a lot to do with being present because it makes you automatically shift towards everything you have/are experiencing now. Taking time to consciously think about where you are in life and what you have teaches your brain to pay attention to the current moment instead of racing forward like it usually does.
* Take short breaks more often. I’ve noticed that people dread Mondays not because they hate their work (mostly) but because they feel pushed to the corner and made to do the work. Though it’s true that we all have to work for a living you can always make it easier for yourself in numerous ways: one of which is to take short breaks as often as you need to. Everyone’s working style and rhythm is different and you’ll most likely feel refreshed if you take 5 minutes to get some air. Make sure you’re not letting work spill into these breaks though: just allow your mind to wander and take a moment to detach from your next work task.
* Don’t refrain yourself from things you like. Who says you can’t indulge in a night out if it’s a weeknight? Or in a glass of wine, popcorn and a good movie? Don’t refrain from doing what makes you happy just because you need to be at the office at 9 tomorrow: live life now and enjoy what you love doing (just don’t take it too far unless you feel prepared to deal with a morning headache).
* Take care. I’ll never get tired of saying this but taking care of your body is essential to feeling like the bomb anytime, anywhere. Eating bad food all the time can make you feel droopy and lazy, not getting enough sleep ca make you zero in on getting back home after work and just collapsing. The basis of living a mindful life lie in knowing how to keep yourself alert and present.
* Shift your mindset. It’s so tempting to think that Mondays are to blame for all your misfits in life when everyone else seems to think so too. Don’t fall for it. Don’t spend your weekends dreading Monday and don’t spend your time waiting for pay-day. Don’t think the day will be crap before it’s even begun: give it a chance! Shift your mindset towards the fact that every day is a refreshing new start that needs to be enjoyed now before it’s gone.
How do you enjoy now? Let me know in the comments below


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