50 Things You Can Do In Your Adirondack Chair

Ahhh…the incredibly-comfortable, amazingly-practical Adirondack chair. It’s been around since, well…since forever it seems — just over 111 years! That’s a lot of years of comfort and enjoyment for one little chair that can be seen on thousands of outdoor patios, decks and lawns around the world.

This got us to thinking about why the Adirondack chair has been one of the most popular chairs in outdoor furniture for over a century and why, to this day, they continue to be manufactured at a rate equal to modern outdoor furnishings.

There’s really no mystery to the enduring popularity of the Adirondack chair. Their simple, unpretentious design makes them a beloved representation of bygone days and images of all the glorious, carefree summers that have passed through the portals of time. This, along with the fact that they are undeniably comfortable.

Which brings us to the present. We started thinking about all the different ways to enjoy an Adirondack chair and decided to make a list. If we’ve missed anything or if you have an idea you’d like to add, write a comment and share it! This is for all of the Adirondack fans around the globe and all those yet to come – because we’re Adirondack fans too!

1. Take a little nap.
2. Relax and enjoy the scenery.
3. Read a good book.
4. Meditate
5. Dream about your next adventure.
6. Share time with a friend (requires two Adirondack chairs).
7. Cradle your baby to sleep.
8. Write in your diary or journal.
9. Enjoy a glass of wine or cold brew.
10. Reflect on the meaning of life.
11. Listen to music while reflecting on the meaning of life.
12. Cuddle with your cat on your lap.
13. Cuddle with your dog on your lap (unless you have a Great Dane).
14. Have your Great Dane to sit beside you and hang your arm over the side.
15. Privately take a moment to review the day.
16. Write a letter or card and tell someone you love them.
17. Plan a party or birthday celebration.
18. Contemplate how vast is the ocean and infinite the sky.
19. Observe the different animal shapes that clouds make.
20. Put your feet up on your Adirondack ottoman and stretch your toes.
21. Watch a glorious sunset.
22. Star gaze or watch for a falling star.
23. Take pictures of all the beautiful nature around you.
24. Cherish time with your spouse (may not require two Adirondack chairs).
25. Imagine where you’d like to take your next vacation.
26. Take some deep cleansing breaths.
27. Call your Mom.
28. Move your chair down by the lake and cast your fishing pole.
29. Relax with your morning cup of coffee.
30. Savor an orange, an apple or a plate of fresh fruit.
31. Safely soak in the sun’s rays and some Vitamin D3.
32. Write the next great American novel.
33. Pen a poem to a loved one.
34. Take a few moments for private prayer.
35. Watch sailboats go by.
36. Enjoy birdwatching and observing wildlife and nature.
37. Have a conversation with your child.
38. Review important papers.
39. Practice the art of just being.
40. Have another cold brewski.
41. Ponder ways to improve your lawn and garden.
42. Or ways to improve your patio.
43. Close your eyes and feel the gentle breeze on your skin.
44. Consciously tell all the muscles in your body to relax.
45. Hum your favorite song in your head.
46. Ask yourself deep questions and ponder deep answers.
47. Ignore the lawn if it needs mowing – just for an hour.
48. Bury your feet in the warm sand if you’re at the beach.
49. Give yourself a salt air facial.
50. Feel your center of peace and gratitude.




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