6 Best Free iPod Touch Apps And Games for Kids

The generation Z, born from 1995 to 2012, are the kids of today. This is the generation that is highly exposed to high level of technology. The Generation Z kids will definitely grow up in a highly evolved computer and media environment.

These kids will be more internet savvy than the very sophisticated (technology-wise) Gen Y. Who can blame the Gen Z if they have high-tech gadgets? After all, a large percentage of Gen Z kids are generally offspring of Gen Y parents.

A lot of kids today have iPod Touch as this gadget is one of the top Portable Music Players today. The evolved iPod Touch not only plays music but can play movies, videos, apps and games. Choosing which movie, song or video for kids is fairly easy. Just download the ones that the kid likes.

However, choosing which iPod Touch apps or games are best for kids is not quite as easy. Why? Well, there are more than 300,000 iPod Touch games (paid and free) to choose from. Choosing which ones are great for kids could prove to be taxing. No fret as there are great (and free) apps for kids available online.

#1 – Angry Birds

If you have not heard of this horde of crazy-revengeful “angry” birds, where have you been hibernating? This iPod Touch game is a top seller. This iPod Touch game is about some naughty pigs that stole the birds’ eggs. The Angry Birds quest is to invade and destroy the pigs’ castle at all cost. The birds use themselves as missiles as they use slingshots to launch themselves towards the pig’s castle.

You need to consider a lot of factors such as, which bird to fire, the acceleration speed and strength of the shot and so on. This is a great iPod Touch game application as the player would have to consider the law of physics to play this iPod game. Caution: it’s addictive! (ages 6 and up).

#2 – Draw Something

This iPod Touch game is the most popular guessing and social drawing game suitable for “kids” of all ages. The idea is to draw a particular object or idea and let your opponent guess the word. A kid’s creativity will definitely be tapped in this game. Caution: also addictive! (ages 7 and up).

#3 – Fruit Ninja

This game app is a worldwide hit. The idea is to slash every which way fruits that fly across the screen. The slashed fruits open up in very colorful ways. This game app has three game modes which include power-ups with options to post score on online leader boards using Openfeint. (ages 6 and up).

#4 – Doodle Buddy

Kids do love to doodle. What better way to develop their creativity and artistry than having them play this app? This is an “artsy” iPod Touch app for kids 3 years and above. This is an application where a child draws in all types of backgrounds, lines and shapes using different colors. It’s possible to take someone’s mug shot and then add details by drawing them on the photo.

#5 – Giraffe’s Matching Zoo

This is more of a matching game that will stimulate a young child’s neurons to build up memory muscles. Kids will have to match animals and simultaneously learn new kinds of animals in the course of the game. This is a perfect iPod Touch game app for kids ages 3 and up.

#6 – iBowl

Kids’ virtual bowling game at its best! It’s harder to throw a gutter ball in iBowl than a straight ball. Kids will love the sound of pins being knocked over by their virtual ball. The game is really quite easy to learn but mastering it takes hours and hours of practice. This game is suitable for kids ages 4 and up.

There are plenty of other commendable iPod Touch apps and games for kids such as Paper Toss where the player attempts to throw a piece of crumpled paper into a waste basket. The task is made difficult by a fan blowing in the background. Hangman is another exciting iPhone Touch apps that is based on the vintage Hangman game. These iPod Touch game apps are for kids ages 6 and up.

Though these game apps are good to a point, kids’ gaming hours should be regulated.

It is not easy to qualify which game apps are the best. Do you have any recommendations that you can share?


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