6 Must Visit Breweries in Asheville

For those of you who are out of the “brewery loop”, you might be wondering what kind of beer scene Asheville, North Carolina has these days. Well, it has a pretty large one. Asheville alone has 26 craft breweries and a total of 60 in the region. It attracts people from all over the country and even beyond. So here’s a little beer guide for your upcoming trip, or the trip you’ll want to plan after reading this!

* Sierra Nevada. First on the list for a reason is the Sierra Nevada Brewery. A little outside of the Asheville city limits is the most beautiful brewery I have stepped foot in. In addition to the beautiful scenery and fresh beer, they also have a free tour. So what right? Well they offer a free tasting at the end of their tour with roughly six of their newest and most popular beers! The tour’s conclusion takes you out into the tasting room and full restaurant. So take a seat, get a flight and order the beer cheese. You can thank me later.
* Wicked Weed. Next up is a lesser known brewery but one that has an amazing atmosphere. Located in downtown Asheville, Wicked Weed is a growing but awesome brewery. Their beers are starting to surface here in Athens which is very exciting! The main level is a full restaurant with amazing food including amazing beer cheese (you may see a theme here). There is also a full bar with all of their local craft beers. Besides the atmosphere upstairs, after hours they have a full bar downstairs! It is a totally different vibe, one that reminds me slightly of Athens. So when it’s late at night and all you want is a fresh Lieutenant Dank, you can head to the basement.
* Green Man. A slightly different vibe than anyone I have been to is Green Man. The beer is so good and it is a very chill atmosphere. The tasting room overlooks the brewery area, and you can see how they brew their beer. There is a large box full of rocks that you can stack while you aimlessly talk to whomever you’re with. They also have an outdoor porch area where you can grab a box of Connect Four and play with your group. Grab your choice of beer and sit out back while watching the sunset over the buildings.
* Catawba. This is a really cool area to start your night. They have a really wide range of beers including a seasonal PB&J beer (and yes, it actually tastes like it). The inside area is nice, but the back porch is the best part. When we went, there was a live three man band and a taco food truck outback! Watching the sun beginning to go down there was beautiful with the mountains in the backdrop.
* Asheville Brewing Company. Who would have thought one could master great beer and great pizza at the same place? Well ABC is proof of that. This is a go-to for us, even if it’s just take-out pizza and a 6-pack of their beer. It pairs perfectly together and will leave you wanting to return the next day! And if you’re not the biggest fan of pizza or just wanting a finger food snack, try their cheese fries or tachos (tater tot nachos).
* New Belgium. Overall, New Belgium’s atmosphere was the least attractive to me. This is because it is a very family-centric atmosphere. Being in my early twenties, it is not really my scene yet. But come a few years, I will feel completely different. There is a lot of grass area to set up blankets and bring food with your kiddos. New Belgium is the only brewery I found to be like this in Asheville.


So now that you have your beer guide for Asheville, what’s next? Click on over to Airbnb and book my favorite little spot here and pack your bags! You won’t regret a long weekend enjoying the new beer-centric Asheville. Be sure to report back with your thoughts and new favorites!


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