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5 Tips for Shopping on Small Business Saturday

This year marks the seventh annual Small Business Saturday shopping holiday. The day was created as a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but it’s all about celebrating and supporting small, local, brick-and mortar-stores as opposed to to big box and e-commerce stores. Not only is fighting the crowds on Black Friday terrifying and exhausting, but supporting local business keeps mom-and-pop stores afloat while making your community stronger. It’s a great day to visit your local yarn shops and fiber providers in your area.

Here are some tips to make the most of your 2017 Small Business Saturday, which will fall on November 25.

1. Check for deals beforehand

Get on the up and up about what local yarn shops are planning to do for Small Business Saturday and if they’ll be running any sales. Follow Facebook pages and Instagram feeds and check them during the week prior and the morning of—many companies and shops often get the word out about their sales via those channels. Try getting to the places with sales earlier in the day so you don’t miss out!

2. Map out an itinerary

First, make a list of the shops you want to go to. Then, put them in an order that makes for the most efficient driving route so you don’t waste time backtracking. Try making a loop from start to finish. If you are staying with relatives for Thanksgiving weekend and aren’t sure about the yarn shops in the area, use the Knitmap tool to find out.

3. Plan for breaks

Make sure that when you are planning your yarn-shop schedule, you include time for breaks. Not every yarn shop has a public restroom, and you’ll most likely need some food and rest at some point during the day. Include a place or two (preferably small businesses!) at specific intervals in your itinerary where you know you’ll be able to use the bathroom, rest your feet, and get a snack or beverage to keep you going for the rest of the day. If you want to save time and money, plan to bring snacks with you in the car!

4. Make a budget . . .

. . . and stick to it! This one can be difficult but it’s so necessary. Figure out roughly what you might be looking for (yarn or supplies for yourself or gifts for others) and what is realistic for you to spend that day. Even if you end up with some different things, do not go over your budget! The holiday season is expensive and you don’t want to wreck your spending balance from the get-go.

5. Talk to the shop owners

If you don’t know them well, take this opportunity to have a conversation with the owners of the shops you go to and establish a relationship. A huge benefit of shopping local is experiencing one-on-one interaction, and by becoming a known regular you get a personal shopping experience you wouldn’t otherwise at big box stores. They’ll appreciate getting to know more community members that they know support their business.

Engage with the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday on social media, sharing the places you visit and checking out where others are going. In addition to supporting businesses with your dollar, another great way to support local businesses is by spreading the word about them and all they have to offer.

There’s no need to get bent out of shape about that last skein of whatever getting sold before you could grab it, or to elbow people so you can get a look at something. Just stay calm and enjoy yourself and those you’re surrounded by, and the day will be good, regardless of the haul you bring home. Look at the day as a fun experience rather than just a means to get stuff.

What are your plans for this year’s Small Business Saturday?

Happy local shopping,

Coping With Constant Ear Ringing

It is never easy to cope with something, whether a physical illness or an emotional battle. Hence, coping with tinnitus can be downright disheartening for anyone. If you happen to be on the same battlefield, then you must teach yourself to deal with the matter positively instead of dwelling more on the negative.

You should take comfort in the fact that you are not alone with this condition. Though you may feel afraid and feel alone, you should think positive still. Know that there are those who are in worse condition than you are now.

Don’t misinterpret this situation you are in now. There is no one to blame. And be assured that the field of medicine has a method to treat and cure this. You can help by not thinking of negative things as this will just stress you out. Be positive and declare positive things to happen in your life.

On the other hand, some individuals who are suffering from the disease for quite some time have already given up hope, thinking that nothing will work well for them. Do not be a slave of such perception. Tinnitus is a disturbing condition, yet you do not have to deal with it as if it is your worst nightmare. Read on and you will be guided on how to cope with tinnitus to somehow make the ordeal less heartbreaking.

Feeling down and quitting is the easiest option. But if you are up to the fight, you can persist and find a cure. If you should need to talk to someone who can relate, the Internet is there to facilitate this.

The Internet will not disappoint. You will find it useful to research more about tinnitus; you can also use it to reach out to others of the same problem. You can also chance upon experts in the filed whom you can ask.

Never give up. Don’t lose hope. There are options for you on how to go about the treatment of tinnitus. Hopeless are for those who don’t want to live life to the fullest.

Although most tinnitus treatments are regarded as “experimental,” they actually help and alleviate the condition. Newfangled treatments are constantly developed and in time, you will soon find gratifying relief.

Positive thinking can’t be emphasized enough. A lot of good things come out from positive thoughts. As they say, the mind is powerful-and we are only using a small part of it. So tap on the power of your mind to keep you positive. There is just no use to being negative, you will just end up worse.

Take the time to stop and smell the flowers for instance or learn to be more appreciative of every petty gesture from a friend or a family member. Stop worrying too much. Focus on your day to day life as it comes and take the time to enjoy.

Take the advices here by heart and do them. Dealing with tinnitus is possible and feasible. The right attitude can make a big difference.

Don’t ever think low of yourself. Never think you are less than what you are because of your condition. Be strong to fight off tinnitus.

How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

There are many people who want to change their computer for gaming. There are a lot of changes you need to make. It is not easy, but it will be worth the work. We have some tips here – take a look and see if there’s anything you can use!

To optimize windows for gaming, you need to change some settings. This takes time but is worth it. It will make games run better.

To make Windows work better for you and for gaming, follow these steps. First, download Firefox or Chrome. Then, use this guide to help optimize Windows.

What is low FPS?

If your computer is not fast enough, the graphics card can’t keep up with the gameplay. This will make it look choppy or take a long time to load.

FPS stands for “frames per seconds”. Modern games usually run above 60 fps (or 59 for widescreen games), and anything below that number means the game will have problems displaying smoothly at those speeds. When it is running correctly, you should see more natural movement in the game – especially in fast-moving scenes where players need instant reaction times. Some people put a minimum FPS on their requirements when they buy games because they do not want lag or slow response times. They understand that if you are playing on low quality settings, or with a laptop with an integrated graphics card, you will have these problems.

How to increase FPS?

In order to solve high performance problems, it is best to optimize Windows first.

How do you make your computer better for games? Windows 10 has some tools that will help. The internet and memory are also helpful.

– Adjust text size if necessary

– Add more RAM (or replace RAM)

– Uninstall large programs that you don’t use often

– Manage background tasks and close anything unnecessary to increase performance

– Update drivers for your video card.

How to use Windows Game Mode to boost fps?

Windows Game Mode is a new feature introduced in the Windows 10 Creators Update. You can play your game better. It is easy to do other things, too.

It’s important to know how Game Mode works. It is a good idea to know your computer will use all the system resources for the game. Sometimes it is necessary to use Task Manager while playing games, but this should not happen often.

Windows also has a slider that can help you control how much your computer shares. Some people like to have faster speeds when playing games and other people like to see things in better quality.

How To Update GPU DRIVERS?

If you’re not sure how to update your GPU drivers, here are some pointers for you. Don’t forget that updating your drivers will optimize the performance of your computer. It will also optimize the games that you play and optimize their graphics.

How to update them:

– Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager > Display Adapters

– Right Click on your AMD or Nvidia video card driver and select Update Driver Software

– Check to make sure that the new driver is compatible with Windows 10

What if I don’t know what graphics card I have?

If you have a laptop that came with an integrated video card, it is possible that the manufacturer assigned it as the default card. You need to go to the Device Manager and find out what card you have.

– Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager > Display Adapters

– Right Click on your AMD or Nvidia video card driver and select Update Driver Software

How do I optimize my graphics settings?

If your gaming laptops is not powerful enough, it can be difficult to optimize the graphics. If you optimize your laptop for gaming, it will be easier to get a higher fps.

– Turn off Vsync – this causes frames per second (FPS) to fluctuate

– Adjust settings in game or on config files if available

– Lower resolution and anti aliasing levels from high to medium or low

– Reduce the screen resolution (lower than your monitor supports)

How to optimize graphics?

This is a common question – and you don’t need an expensive gaming computer or laptop. There are many ways that people optimize their computers for games, but there are some main steps.

– Make sure Windows has enough RAM. You should add more or replace it.

Uninstall programs that you do not need for the game. This will let Windows use free RAM so it can run games better.

Close any tasks that you are not using while playing games.


Confessions of a Proud Facebook Addict

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to Facebook. There, I said it. It’s true. I join millions of other people around the world who don’t remember life before Facebook. I do however remember my first memory of Facebook. It was back in, I guess 2004 (?) and my college friend was talking about a new site he’d became a member of. But the catch was you had to have a .edu email to sign up. Having just graduated from college I no longer had one and was sad. But not too sad since I really had no idea what this “Facebook” thing was. I didn’t even have MySpace then. It took years before I finally joined that with the name “Finally Given In.” But like all other vices, once you take one step in it’s an easy slippery slope straight into addiction.

It’s funny to look back now at those first months on FB. There are posts from friends like these:

“wow…first myspace and now facebook. what happened to you? you are becoming one of us…one of the sheep.”

“you got facebook! thats exciting!”

“Well look here…you got Facebook.”

“Way to get on Facebook!”

That was all at the end of March 2007. I was living in Big Sky, Montana at the time and the post that follow are hilarious. Everyone wants to know why in the world I am living in Montana! I posted some photos during those first few months but my first actual post of words was the day after my birthday, on April 29, 2007:

“About to head to El Salvador from beautiful Guatemala to chill on the beach for a week and learn to surf!”

And so it began.

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that this is my first FB post. It sums up my entire purpose for being a FB addict. As a traveler I am always on the go. As a flight attendant I am even more on the go. I live 2,670 miles (thanks Google maps) from my immediate family. I have friends that live all over the world and friends that show up all over the world. There have been many times over the last 8 years where I’ve went on FB and discover a coworker is also laying over in London, or Vegas, or Amsterdam. I love it. I have memories with those friends that I wouldn’t have gotten had they not posted their whereabouts on FB. Thanks to FB I can stay connected even when I am traveling from Guatemala to El Salvador.

I also love how you are able to keep up with people that you wouldn’t have before the social media revolution. Maybe someone that was a friend in high school or college, but not your best friend. Someone who before FB you’d have tried to keep in touch with but would just loose touch over the years, making way for new friends. Just a few weeks ago I was able to meet up with a friend like this who was in town. I went to school with this person but I hadn’t seen them in years. It was so much fun! And it never would have happened without FB.

There’s also the news aspect of FB. I read a lot of news articles that friends post. I learn about new ideas and new things from the articles that interest others. I see videos of things I might not have found on “regular” news sites. I learn about work from posts by coworkers. There have been at least 2 times where I was able to share a news article with two friends about airline tickets on sale so that their family members could buy tickets for a visit. That probably wouldn’t have happened with out FB.

FB is also a time capsule. There have been quite a few times where I have been able to look back at some event to discover the date something took place. Once, I was able to help a doctors office find my appointment by looking back at the date I posted about something on FB. That saved me months of waiting for a new appointment. I can go back at look at a photo to remember the name of that great little bar in Liverpool. I can reminisce the memories of everything I’ve posted about. This is the reason the Memories feature is so popular now. People love remembering and reminiscing!

But probably the most important reason that I am a Facebook addict is the overlying theme of everything I’ve just said, connection. I love that I can open up the FB app and see photos of my friends adorable little girl. I can see photos of my nephews playing sports. I can read a recipe my mom posted. I find out people are engaged, pregnant, or have passed away. I can ask for help finding football game tickets, volunteers for projects, or get help promoting my small business. I can ask people for help when I find creepy things like this growing in my plants:


I can look and see that a coworker from Minneapolis is going to be flying to Amsterdam the same time as me. I can keep in touch with all these people that I love from anywhere in the world. I can share my life with those who care to know about it. I can make new connections, with new people that turn into new friendships, new opportunities, and new adventures. This is why I am a Facebook addict. I love people. I love to travel. I love to stay connected. Facebook makes all that possible and I am so thankful for it. I guess that means I am proud to be a Facebook addict. (Yes, I did just change the title of the post to include the word proud.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go continue my reminiscing of my first few months on Facebook.

Coffee Shop Bloggers: Rain Out Sat = 8 Hours of Blogging and SEO

I realize that I may have a problem. On Saturday, my kids’ three soccer games were rained out so I spent 5 hours working on my blog and SEO. I went to the school play that night and saw

there and she said the only thing she wanted for Mother’s Day was a clean house and hours of her SEO expert husband’s time working on the CoffeeShopBloggers.com blog — it needs categories and other fun stuff and we don’t know how to do it in Blogger. Then, after the play, I figured it was almost Mother’s Day and I had taken the kids myself to the play and my youngest was a handful so I spent 3 more hours on my blog stuff.

So… you might wonder what a blogger would do when they work 8 hours on their blog? Thanks for asking!!

* I hadn’t posted in three days so I posted 3 posts. One was a freebie as I found a good post elsewhere that I could report and one was a Mother’s Day Post I had found and saved until Mother’s Day so I really only wrote 1 posts. That was maybe 30 minutes?
* Each post then gets tweeted, and the tweet goes on facebook. Twice because I have a facebook page and a Fan page for my blog. So… 3 tweets and 6 Facebook wall updates. My tweets automatically get posted on my LinkedIn Account. So…another 15 minutes?
* I have been having trouble getting my Feedburner RSS email newsletter feed to work. It seems to conflict with the code I put on each page from Google Analytics. GreenCollarGuy , DesignTrackMind’s husband (also at school play), said that I was not supposed to put in on every page or post; it was supposed to go into the template of my blog.

* So… I had to figure out how to put code in my template and worked on that, adding the code to the Page Template because I did not see a Post Template. I hoped that is the right one and that I placed the code in the correct spot.

* But to be sure, I started researching Feedburner and WordPress. I found another method using a plugin that is supposed to be the easiest way to go. And my research on the best plugin for Google Analytics generated a blog post of 30 best Plugins so I posted this on the CoffeeShopBloggers.com blog. So I used the new post to figure out which was the best plugin for Google Analytics on WordPress because there are several.
* But when I installed it, it caused a database conflict and my blog melt down. I realized that I now needed to strip out all the google analytic code out of my 150 posts and pages. And deactivate the Google Analytics Plugin. And strip the Google Analytics code from the template of my blog. So I did all of that. And got a tweaky neck in the process. This took hours!
* Yay! Once the Google Analytic code is removed, my feedburner email newsletter finally works!
* I also went to BlogFrog because it’s the best Mom Blog Consolidator out there. I find that I get 10% return “Followers.” BlogFrog is like a Mom Blog Consolidator combined with Twitter and Facebook. So I followed a gazillion moms. This is nice brainless work. This took an hour or so.
* I wanted to increase my Twitter to 3000 this week and was several hundred shy. I follow all my BlogFrog new friends and they tend to follow back. Follow back on Twitter any new Blog Frog Friends took about a hour.
* Also to increase Twitter, I cleaned out the people that I follow who don’t follow me back. I use a free website, TwitterKarma.com. It’s great but a little time consuming. I have to “Whack” three time which is about 15 minutes of waiting around. Then I have to manually find those who don’t follow back, select and block. That takes a while. Another half hour gone.
* With a cleaned out Twitter, I can now follow a few hundred before I hit my max. I decide to follow @BostonMamas because she has the right demographic for me and she doesn’t follow anyone back. I figure anyone who follows her might be inclined to follow me. Another half hour?
* Not done yet, I decide it’s time to up my Facebook to 1000 friends. I export my LinkedIn connections and filter them through Facebook to find who is on Facebook but isn’t Friended to me. Surprising quick after you do it once. 10 or 15 minutes?
* I also import my gmail email list to Facebook to find more friends.
* Finally, I go to my Fan Page in Facebook (PragmaticMom) and ask all 950 Friends from my personal Facebook to “Fan or Like” my blog page. I did it the slow way by accident so it took 15 minutes, but it should only take a few minutes if you know what you are doing! (I know now! Nothing like learning a lesson the hard way to really pound it into your brain!)
* I am also answering and DM-ing from Twitter about 400 emails generated from this Twitter-Get-Followers Frenzy. I am also retweeting when I see something good. And adding links to my blog when I find a great blog I want to visit again. Hard to tell but probably an hour in bits and pieces all day keeping my email account cleaned out.
* My 5 comments a day is way behind so I write some comments from my Google word Alerts but not all of alerts in my email box because I’m way behind.

It’s finally time to go to bed but there is still so much to do:

* Rotate my ads. Mother’s Day is over so some of my ads need to be deactivated and more new ones added.
* Rotate the posts on my slider.
* Make sure I stripped all the Google Analytic Code from my posts so I need to run a search for “Google Analytics” in my posts and continue to strip html code.
* Do I dare try the Google Analytic plugin again?…
* Ugh..I still haven’t done all my comments.

I need Mother’s Day to spend on my blog catching up! I wonder if my kids will let me spend the day on my blog…


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Close Your Charge Card Account

We’ve all seen the late night and Saturday morning infomercials targeted at individuals with poor credit ratings who need to obtain a car. They’ll sell you a car, but you are going to pay through the nose. You may wind up having an interest as high as 20 to 28% per annum. If you have a credit rating of 720 or higher you can get funded for as low as 3.9%, during special promotional deals. Most people I know, except for my father-in-law, don’t have perfect credit. Regardless of what your credit rating, you may be paying too much for that new auto. I don’t have perfect credit and I just purchased a brand new 2007 Toyota Corolla CE for over $1,000.00 below invoice and I negotiated my interest rate and loan length down. Oh yes and here is the best part. I paid zero down and I’ve 45 days until my first payment is due.

I called Apple seeing security and using the iPad for shopping, banking, and trades that demand protecting your sensitive need. The Apple representative explained that the iPad along with your computer offer the same security as it pertains to site safety.

FYI: Invoice cost is the price the dealer paid for the vehicle. At least it is the suggested price the dealers say they paid for the auto. Why really would a car dealer sell you a car for $1,875.00 below invoice? The answer is they have no intention of selling you any auto for $1,875.00 below invoice. The loss leader advertising is intended to simply lure you onto the lot.

In the Payday Loans For Bad Credit  module the next section is common stock. Shares owed in thousands will show [2,000] which are 2 million shares. The cost per share carton shows [$33.99]. The simulation corrects cost per share each round. After business Andrews makes plant developments the earnings per share box changes from [$0.50] earnings per share. The carton reveals a loss, exhibited in crimson of [($0.70)] per share. Business Andrews will have to input suitable changes in the research and development module and the advertising module pricing and forecasting sections to increase business net income and earnings per share. The business must assess the proforma balance sheet, cash flow and income statements to change financing.

Are you eligible to claim the child tax credit? You can find out in a few simple steps with an on-line tax estimator to get an idea of how your tax return will look this season.

In case you would like all of the computations to be finished without blunders you should file your tax return with TurboTax. If you mess up on your own tax return you may end up waiting 6 to 8 weeks before it gets straightened out.

Do not max out your credit cards. Only since your creditors have establish credit limits on your cards does not mean it is ok to spend up to those most limitations. It’s better that you make your own limit according to what you earn. Ideally your limitation should be no more than you can manage monthly.

Crazy Monera Love him or loathe him, Jim Cramer has done a good job with Mad Money. The show first aired on March 14th 2005 and it has been a success ever since. Cramer does an excellent job of making the show very educational, while at the same time being amusing. Am I Diversified is a particularly helpful segment which aids people diversify their investment portfolio to help make sure better threat protection in the future. Cramer brings lots of energy to the show, however he also certainly knows what he is discussing. Be careful not to simply buy and sell every pick of his, but try to understand from this show in any way you can.

Let us say you found three cars that meet your needs. Enter in a quote for every automobile at each website. This may take a while, but it’s time well spent. The sites will generally store the quote for you and lock the quote in for some days. Take note of the Quote numbers for every quote. You will want it when you purchase your automobile. Now you’ve got three quotes for every automobile and you now understand what the price of insurance is likely to be for your new auto. This can save you money in more then one way. I will show you how to use this tool later in step eight.

The government is also encouraging foreign investment in this sector, as the entrance of foreign players will help the sector. FBI in Indian banking can lead to improved efficacy, better capitalization, and enhanced adaptability. Therefore the authorities is attracting FBI, FBI, and NRA in this area.

6 Must Visit Breweries in Asheville

For those of you who are out of the “brewery loop”, you might be wondering what kind of beer scene Asheville, North Carolina has these days. Well, it has a pretty large one. Asheville alone has 26 craft breweries and a total of 60 in the region. It attracts people from all over the country and even beyond. So here’s a little beer guide for your upcoming trip, or the trip you’ll want to plan after reading this!

* Sierra Nevada. First on the list for a reason is the Sierra Nevada Brewery. A little outside of the Asheville city limits is the most beautiful brewery I have stepped foot in. In addition to the beautiful scenery and fresh beer, they also have a free tour. So what right? Well they offer a free tasting at the end of their tour with roughly six of their newest and most popular beers! The tour’s conclusion takes you out into the tasting room and full restaurant. So take a seat, get a flight and order the beer cheese. You can thank me later.
* Wicked Weed. Next up is a lesser known brewery but one that has an amazing atmosphere. Located in downtown Asheville, Wicked Weed is a growing but awesome brewery. Their beers are starting to surface here in Athens which is very exciting! The main level is a full restaurant with amazing food including amazing beer cheese (you may see a theme here). There is also a full bar with all of their local craft beers. Besides the atmosphere upstairs, after hours they have a full bar downstairs! It is a totally different vibe, one that reminds me slightly of Athens. So when it’s late at night and all you want is a fresh Lieutenant Dank, you can head to the basement.
* Green Man. A slightly different vibe than anyone I have been to is Green Man. The beer is so good and it is a very chill atmosphere. The tasting room overlooks the brewery area, and you can see how they brew their beer. There is a large box full of rocks that you can stack while you aimlessly talk to whomever you’re with. They also have an outdoor porch area where you can grab a box of Connect Four and play with your group. Grab your choice of beer and sit out back while watching the sunset over the buildings.
* Catawba. This is a really cool area to start your night. They have a really wide range of beers including a seasonal PB&J beer (and yes, it actually tastes like it). The inside area is nice, but the back porch is the best part. When we went, there was a live three man band and a taco food truck outback! Watching the sun beginning to go down there was beautiful with the mountains in the backdrop.
* Asheville Brewing Company. Who would have thought one could master great beer and great pizza at the same place? Well ABC is proof of that. This is a go-to for us, even if it’s just take-out pizza and a 6-pack of their beer. It pairs perfectly together and will leave you wanting to return the next day! And if you’re not the biggest fan of pizza or just wanting a finger food snack, try their cheese fries or tachos (tater tot nachos).
* New Belgium. Overall, New Belgium’s atmosphere was the least attractive to me. This is because it is a very family-centric atmosphere. Being in my early twenties, it is not really my scene yet. But come a few years, I will feel completely different. There is a lot of grass area to set up blankets and bring food with your kiddos. New Belgium is the only brewery I found to be like this in Asheville.


So now that you have your beer guide for Asheville, what’s next? Click on over to Airbnb and book my favorite little spot here and pack your bags! You won’t regret a long weekend enjoying the new beer-centric Asheville. Be sure to report back with your thoughts and new favorites!

6 Effective Tips for Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Eyes are the highlight of a person’s face. They have the tendency to speak without having said a word. Every person has different colored eyes, some have blue, brown while some have black eyes. You can make your eyes stand out by doing proper makeup. Before you start applying makeup to your eyes it is wise you know that every color of eyes require different style of makeup. The eye makeup you do for the blue eyes might not suit the brown eyes. Taking this aspect into consideration it is of paramount importance you do it perfectly. When doing eye makeup for blue eyes it is wise to consider various aspects.

The trend of makeup for blue eyes started during the Victorian period where the blue eye makeup was considered to be attractive. However, not every person is able to carry it off. The blue color looks great on women that have fair skin. Apart from this, it tends to look beautiful that has black or platinum hair color. If you have dark skin you are sure to carry off it very well. Consider the makeup tricks to get the perfect blue eye makeup:

Sheer shadow – When you opt for eyeshadow for blue eyes it is worth you know that it looks great on every person, only when done properly. Blue color signifies calm and intense. When you apply blue eyeshade you do not require any other eye shadows. Sheer shadows of blue are enough to make it look attractive.

Do not use blue eyeshades – It is highly suggested that you avoid using blue eyeshades. However, you can make use of them in case you have a slightly different eye color than the eyeshade. In case you have baby blue eyes, trying the navy blue eyeshade will help to make your eyes pop out.

Not glossy shadow – If you do not want to make it absolute one of the best ways is by choosing blue eye shadows that are not glossy. They work the best for professional look.

Navy blue eyeliner – If you are still wondering on how to make blue eyes pop is by getting rid of the black eyeliner and opting or blue eyeliner.

Overlap the colors – It works in your advantage when you have blue eyes as you get to try different colors. You can even try to go with two different colors.

Warm hues – Warm being calming and intense color you can actually enhance it by making use of various warm hues. It mainly comprise of brown, earthy tones or lighter ones.

Once you consider the above mentioned aspects it becomes easier to apply makeup to your blue eyes. If you are still thinking on how to apply eye makeup, try reading the above mentioned aspects, it is sure to help you. They also offer other tricks that focus on applying eye shadow on different eye colors. Do not delay and browse through the germane website for more details on the services. Go for it at once.

9 Email Marketing Tips to Take to Heart

Marketing through email is one of the most cost efficient ways to promote your business, engage new customers, and boost your revenues in the process. There is, however, a thin line that separates your email marketing message from those messages that are clicked as spam which end up in the infamous Trash folder. It’s what you must work hard to prevent from happening.

Below are some tips to take to heart in launching an email campaign.

1. Have a Goal
First and most important rule for your email campaign is to be clear on what you want to accomplish. Is it to drive more visitors to your website? Boost earnings? Build company image? Or foster relationships with your clients?

2. Create Your Database of Prospects
Your email campaign will never take off without recipients. Your initial readers can be people you met during trade launches, members of the press, or store visitors, among others. The list of recipients must continuously grow as you work your campaign.

3. Set Proper Expectations
Once your readers are identified, make sure you get your signup page up. This must have all the information on what they can expect from the email. Is it about tips on how to use the products, promotion of new services? How about company updates or a letter from the CEO? Apart from setting these expectations, you must also inform your customers on the actual benefits of subscribing to your email list.

Have a schedule in sending these emails. A monthly email will do. Frequent emailing may annoy your readers who may end up marking you as a spammer. Set these parameters clearly at the beginning of the campaign to help them think whether they will signup with you.

4. Short and Sweet
Your readers are probably busy as you are. Chances are, they will only browse through your email. In roughly 100 words per article, you must be able to deliver the message to your readers. If you are sending a long article, then it may be advisable to write a summary and simply create a link to the target page.

5. Compelling Content
This alone can make or break your email campaign. Your content must be informative, entertaining, and relevant for your readers. You must go the extra mile and learn what is interesting to your readers. As your email campaign progresses, offer various relevant content to keep your subscribers interested.

Apart from offering relevant content, you may also send out seasonal content such as holiday-related emails or birthday greetings to your readers. To foster a lasting relationship with them, write in a casual tone. As much as possible, try to make the email more personalized for your readers, like they are receiving messages from a friend.

6. Wise Use of Images
Pictures must be used sparingly as it takes up a lot of space and not to mention, may take some time to load. Email services sometimes block images from appearing. Important messages must not be conveyed using images. Instead of photos, use HTML for an enhanced look.

7. Proofread, Edit, Revise
This may seem like a no-brainer to you but this is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the email campaign. Your compelling content and dynamic design won’t mean a thing if readers see typographical errors in your mail. It only takes one customer to notice this oversight, post it on social media sites, and affect the credibility of your business. Imagine all that trouble you could have avoided by simply proofreading your email.

8. Test before Sending
Before releasing your email, if you have the time, try it with various email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Mac Mail, or Outlook. You may also want to consider having a version for mobile phones. More and more people are accessing their mails on a daily basis through portable devices. According to the Email in Motion study, almost 65% of Americans are likely to delete an email not readable with their mobile handsets. Note also that logos, Flash animation, and graphics are often blocked by filters. Test to check how your messages will appear.

9. Unsubscribe Link
Your message must also have a link for readers who want to unsubscribe. If they do, you can ask them to take a survey. You might not get that many responses, but surveys such as this will give you clues to what your target audience wants.

6 Best Free iPod Touch Apps And Games for Kids

The generation Z, born from 1995 to 2012, are the kids of today. This is the generation that is highly exposed to high level of technology. The Generation Z kids will definitely grow up in a highly evolved computer and media environment.

These kids will be more internet savvy than the very sophisticated (technology-wise) Gen Y. Who can blame the Gen Z if they have high-tech gadgets? After all, a large percentage of Gen Z kids are generally offspring of Gen Y parents.

A lot of kids today have iPod Touch as this gadget is one of the top Portable Music Players today. The evolved iPod Touch not only plays music but can play movies, videos, apps and games. Choosing which movie, song or video for kids is fairly easy. Just download the ones that the kid likes.

However, choosing which iPod Touch apps or games are best for kids is not quite as easy. Why? Well, there are more than 300,000 iPod Touch games (paid and free) to choose from. Choosing which ones are great for kids could prove to be taxing. No fret as there are great (and free) apps for kids available online.

#1 – Angry Birds

If you have not heard of this horde of crazy-revengeful “angry” birds, where have you been hibernating? This iPod Touch game is a top seller. This iPod Touch game is about some naughty pigs that stole the birds’ eggs. The Angry Birds quest is to invade and destroy the pigs’ castle at all cost. The birds use themselves as missiles as they use slingshots to launch themselves towards the pig’s castle.

You need to consider a lot of factors such as, which bird to fire, the acceleration speed and strength of the shot and so on. This is a great iPod Touch game application as the player would have to consider the law of physics to play this iPod game. Caution: it’s addictive! (ages 6 and up).

#2 – Draw Something

This iPod Touch game is the most popular guessing and social drawing game suitable for “kids” of all ages. The idea is to draw a particular object or idea and let your opponent guess the word. A kid’s creativity will definitely be tapped in this game. Caution: also addictive! (ages 7 and up).

#3 – Fruit Ninja

This game app is a worldwide hit. The idea is to slash every which way fruits that fly across the screen. The slashed fruits open up in very colorful ways. This game app has three game modes which include power-ups with options to post score on online leader boards using Openfeint. (ages 6 and up).

#4 – Doodle Buddy

Kids do love to doodle. What better way to develop their creativity and artistry than having them play this app? This is an “artsy” iPod Touch app for kids 3 years and above. This is an application where a child draws in all types of backgrounds, lines and shapes using different colors. It’s possible to take someone’s mug shot and then add details by drawing them on the photo.

#5 – Giraffe’s Matching Zoo

This is more of a matching game that will stimulate a young child’s neurons to build up memory muscles. Kids will have to match animals and simultaneously learn new kinds of animals in the course of the game. This is a perfect iPod Touch game app for kids ages 3 and up.

#6 – iBowl

Kids’ virtual bowling game at its best! It’s harder to throw a gutter ball in iBowl than a straight ball. Kids will love the sound of pins being knocked over by their virtual ball. The game is really quite easy to learn but mastering it takes hours and hours of practice. This game is suitable for kids ages 4 and up.

There are plenty of other commendable iPod Touch apps and games for kids such as Paper Toss where the player attempts to throw a piece of crumpled paper into a waste basket. The task is made difficult by a fan blowing in the background. Hangman is another exciting iPhone Touch apps that is based on the vintage Hangman game. These iPod Touch game apps are for kids ages 6 and up.

Though these game apps are good to a point, kids’ gaming hours should be regulated.

It is not easy to qualify which game apps are the best. Do you have any recommendations that you can share?

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