Backlink Strategies for Blogs (SEO)

After creating a new blog , the following things that strike your mind , “How will you do search engine optimization “, “How will you get sufficient traffic “, and finaly “How will you get audience for you blog “. Some people follow Black Hat SEO , to get indexed in search engines quicly. But there are risk in such strategies that are not genuine. The whole game is based on that how much you are linked with outside world that is backlink to you website or blogs.

Backlinks means the sites linking with your website and ensure your blog to have a good traffic rank world wide. A better linking with external sites always helps to get a good Page Rank ( PR ) on Google. Now, the question is that what kind of techniques should be used to link with good PR website. How to get attention of those high PR sites towards your new blog.

The answer is quite is quite simple as if we want to make new friends on facebook or any other social sites. We find the persons to whom we want to be friend and post on his profile or leave a message for him/her. If that person find relevant to be our friends , he/or she get listed in our list. Same is in case while linking with High PR webites. We search them and leave comments there and if they find it genuine and relevant they backlink with us. Here are the few best approach for creating backlink with the other sites having good page rank.

This is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your website. This says that whenever you are posting a comments on blogs or forums always give the link that you want to link with that site in Website option as shown.

If you write an article and submit it to a website by including the links of the post residing in your blog , you will surely get the backlink from that website whenever that post will be indexed by search engine. When that page is indexed, your links will also get indexed contained in that page article and you get new backlink for your blog.

There are many SEO agencies which provide their services for creating backlinks for you blog. You can find them according to your budgets. Here are a few list of some paid SEO services.


There are many free blogging website like Blogger , WordPress, Squidoo etc. You can create your blog and then link it with you site. This way helps you to link that High PR website on which your blog exists.

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