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Wings of the Wind Specifications

Wings Of The Wind

Traditional bows by Dave Bickish, Bowyer


All of our bows have the best wood and fiberglass ingredients on the market; finished with catalyzed varnish. There is also the Conifer finish with camo paint. Quiver bushings installed at no charge on all models. All models come with a custom grip of your choice.

All models come with fast flight string.




The LongHorn is a well balanced state-of-the-art one piece longbow with speed, accuracy, stability, and smoothness built into it. It is fictional to say a longbow has no hand shock. In it’s very design a longbow comes with built in hand shock due to its massive limbs swinging in performance. However, I have had longbow shooters come up to my booth in shoots and after testing this bow come back and tell me it has no hand shock. In their mind, in comparison to what they are used to in other longbows, this bow is shock free. I believe that is the best way to explain it and be truthful at the same time. The design of this bow is such that it has power for hunting and throws an arrow at incredible speed. The newly designed Supr Dual-Flex Limb design has a generous reflex deflex set in it for just this purpose. It has a formed custom grip or the traditional longbow type, your choice. It is virtually stack free in any length if your draw length matches bow length. Sufficient to say in a 68″ bow it is stack free to a 30″ draw.

* Custom made one piece longbow with a 18″-19″ handle,  reflex deflex limbs, cut center shot or as custom ordered,  tapered 2 ½” sight window, radius shelf, Supr Dual-Flex High Performance Limb.

* Length– 64″, 66″, 68″

* Draw weights: 45# up

* Weight– 1.3 lb

* Price:   Standard grade $550   /  Delux grade $650  /  Elegant grade $850


LongHorn Mag TD


The “LongHorn Mag TD” has more cast than the one piece longbow and more shock as well. However, the meatier handle of a TD takes up the added kick to compensate for the increase. There is more flexibility in making a take down bow to make it perform better, which we have accomplished in maximum output of energy and cast with this model. It has a lot of deflex seen as it is unstrung, but once it is strung it looks like a traditional longbow in every way. A custom built, fast hard hitting, magnum longbow for the taking of very big game on the world=s game lands. It has the same limb bolt system as the recurve line; two pins and one bolt for true alignment. It comes with the same options as the take down recurve models, standard grade and delux grades. It has a formed custom grip or the traditional longbow type, your choice. It is virtually stack free in any length if your draw length matches bow length. Sufficient to say, in a 68″ bow it is stack free to a 30″ draw. It comes in all of the popular lengths as well from. If you like a longbow with the added convenience of braking down into a packable size, this is the bow for you.



Safari TD

The “Safari” is a take down recurve designed with any draw length in mind. It has a smooth limb that is virtually stack free clear back to 29″ draw length. It is fast, stable, and  accurate, and has a smooth draw that will delight any archer. It has a generous amount of deflex in the design to shoot shock free at heavy draw weight. It is designed for short length bows for those looking for a short tree bow. It also has the most deflex in our line thus making it the most shock free bow we make. If you are looking for a stack free, shock free custom take down recurve with target accuracy built into a hunting bow, this is the bow for you.

* Custom made take down recurve with 16″, 18″ riser. Cut 1/8″ past center for true center shot, 4 3/4″  sight window (on 18″ riser), radius shelf, custom grip,

* Super Uni-Flex High Performance Limb.

* Lengths –  56″, 58″, 60″, 62″ Draw weights: 45# & up

* Weight– slim line 2. lb

*  Price: Standard $595 / Delux grade $750 / Elegant grade $1000



Safari Mag TD

The “Safari Mag” is a new take down recurve design. It is our most popular design combining target accuracy with magnum power. It is one step up from the “Safari ” in horse power, with just a little less deflex for increased cast. A trade-off is necessary in any design to accomplish a certain goal. The “Safari Mag” is designed to shoot heavy arrows at maximum speed, thus giving  maximum horsepower at any given bow weight for accomplishing its task of maximum penetration on large mammals, such as found in Alaska. It is still built on the same frame and configuration as the “Safari” to maintain the target accuracy in a magnum bow.


* Custom made take down recurve with 16”, 18”,  20” riser. Cut  1/8″  past center for true center shot, 4½” sight window  (18” riser), radius shelf, custom grip, Super Uni-Flex High Performance Limb.

* Lengths – 58″, 60”, 62”, 64”, 66” /  XL version 68″, 70″   /    Draw weights:  50# & up

* Weight – Slim line 2. lb, Target model 2.8 lb.

* Price: Standard $595 / Delux grade $750 / Elegant grade $1000



Safari  SuprMag TD

The “SuprMag” is a take down recurve one step higher in horse power than the “Safari Mag.” It has less deflex and more cast. It also has more hand shock and kick like a big magnum rifle, as in the elephant rifle class would be expected to have. It is designed for maximum penetration with heavy arrows, and unless you are going after extremely big game, such as found in Africa or Alaska, it would not be the best choice for everyday shooting. It shoots heavy arrows like a lesser bow shoots a light carbon. It is intended for the archer that wants performance at the sacrifice of kick and hand shock. It is still smooth to draw and stack free to 29″, but has twice the hand shock of the “Safari”  The best way to say it is that the “Safari Mag” is the 338 magnum, and the “SuprMag” is the 500 nitro express. This is the extreme design model at the outer-limits of performance.  Due to the wicked design it can be only made in heavy weights. If you are going after a T-Rex this is the bow for you.

* Custom made take down recurve with 16”, 18”,  20” riser. Cut  1/8″  past center for true centershot, 4 ½” sight window  (18” riser), radius shelf, custom grip, Super Uni-Flex High Performance Limb.

* Lengths – 62”, 64”, 66″ /   XL version 68″, 70″     /     Draw weights: 60# up in short 55# up in long

* Weight: 2. lb

* Price: Standard $595 / Delux grade $750 / Elegant grade $1000


Safari / Safari Mag TD / XL (The long draw archer’s dream!)

The Safari SuprMag XL is long limb take down model that is custom designed for the long draw archer or the archer that likes “extra long limbs.” It only comes in limited lengths since its design only allows a limited configuration. This is my own personal bow that I have design for myself. It is the smoothest, fastest, sweetest bow on earth in a 64″ length. If you like a long limbed short handled bow, your search is over. This bow is nothing short of target accuracy at 50 yards in a hunting bow. It is stack free to 30″ in a 62″, 31″ in a 64″ length and sky’s the limit at 66″. If you have long arms or draw and have been looking for a custom take down recurve bow to fit, this in the bow for you.

* Custom made take down recurve with 16” or 18″ riser. Cut  1/8″  past center for true center shot, 3 ½” sight window (16″) , radius shelf, custom grip, Supr Uni-Flex High Performance Limb.

* Draw weights: shorter lengths 55# up / longer lengths 50# up

* Lengths: 62″, 64″, 66″,

* Price: Standard $595  /  Delux grade $750  /  Elegant grade $1000


Pro Hunter Limited Edition

The Pro Hunter Limited Addition is the top of the line take down recurve with a Macarta riser. There are three accent woods to choose from; Bloodwood, Osage, or Purpleheart, imitation ivory Wings Of The Wind inlay. The limbs are Bamboo, for maximum performance, under black glass. It has excellent mass weight with a Macarta riser to absorb shock, with enhanced accuracy in mind. Macarta being heavier takes up more shock than conventional models. This gives it a more forgiving nature, making it the ultimate hunting bow. This is my own personal bow in a “Safari Mag TD XL Signature”. Comes in Safari: Mag, XL, SuprMag, Signature.

* See specs for specific model

* Weights:  3.2 lb

* Price: Recurve $850   /   Signature $895



IBO-ProBow (Recurve and Longbow Target Models)


LongBow-Again after extensive experiment on the longbow line to come up with a competition longbow that is superior, we have designed the IBO-ProBow. It is a LongHorn one piece longbow with specially designed limbs to make it the smoothest drawing and shock free longbow on earth. It comes with Bamboo limbs and any of the wood choices in a Delux model. It is designed within all of the longbow competition guide lines to be legal in all the big competitions. It is however far from just another longbow. It has the smoothest limb tips that are possible to put on a longbow and makes it a sweetheart to shoot. It would have a little different limb ingredients than the normal LongHorn but sweeter drawing for competition. That is what makes the limb tips so sweet. It shoots right where you are looking out to thirty-five yards. The Bamboo limbs make it the best performer possible. It has been developed for the serious competition shooter. If you are interested in shooting the circuit this is the bow for you

* Custom made one piece longbow with a 19″ handle,  reflex deflex limbs, cut 1/8″ short of center, tapered 2 ½” sight window, radius shelf, Supr Dual-Flex High Performance Special Designed Competition Limb

* Length–  68″

* Draw weights: 45# up

* Weight– 1.4 lb

* Price:   Standard $595   /   Delux grade $695  /   Elegant $895


Recurve- The IBO-ProBow in the recurve design is a special one of a kind model design from many months of testing and configuration experiments to come up with the smoothest sweetest most accurate take down recurve bow designable, being careful to maintain our Supr Uni-Flex cast. It is without doubt the most accurate bow that I have ever shoot myself and would use it for everything from the IBO, tournament or Olympic circuit with total confidence. It isn’t one of the our other hunting models turned into a target bow, but a special target design all its own. It has a special designed competition limb that will amaze you if you are a target archer. Bamboo limbs make it the best performer possible. If you are looking for a tournament winner this is the bow for you.

* Custom made take down recurve with 20” riser. Cut  1/8″  past center for true center  shot, 5½” sight window, radius shelf, custom grip, Supr Uni-Flex High Performance Special Designed Competition Limb

* Length- 66″, 68″, 70″

* Draw weights: 45# up

* Weight- 3 lb

* Price: Standard grade $650   /   Delux grade $795   /   Elegant grade $1050



Dave Bickish Signature Bow

Built for the precision hunter. Research & development never cease at Wings Of The Wind. I am pleased to offer a new model after years of fine-tuning our hunting bow line. These are my own personal hunting bows, a 64″ or 66″ A “Signature TD XL”, accurized. Built on the famous Safari Mag TD XL frame. I shoot both lengths and can’t say which I like best, both performing equally. They have an accurized limb with special refinement to fit me to perfection. It is like buying a top of the line target pistol and before putting it into service, sending it off to a custom shop to have it accurized. They have been developed to fit me to the uttermost. They are adjusted to within a half inch draw length. In other words it rolls over and bottoms out like a compound at a given draw length. Example; if it is accurized for 291/2″ it will bottom out between 29″ & 30″ (plus or minus 1/2″). They can be ordered at every half in draw length from 29″ – 32″ according to customer’s draw length. They have a springy rest for the ultimate in sighting in, arrow impact can be moved up and down a foot by adjusting the rest. They come in only one option and are the ultimate in beauty and performance. They come with a Bacote, Bubinga, riser with white Phenolic stripes, and Bacote limbs with white Phenolic tips. I find Bacote to be the castiest wood of the real wood choices as well as the most beautiful. They are a gorgeous hunting bow that is at home on the mantle as a show piece as well as in a tree. These bows are pure cast and as hard a hitting hunting bows as there are on the planet, with target accuracy still in tacked. These are a man’s top of the line hunting bows good for anything. If you are looking for a customized custom bow and your draw length is between 29″ & 32″, then I am pleased to offer you my own personal hunting bows, the Dave Bickish Signature.


* Customized 64″ or 66″ Delux take down recurve with 16″, 18″, & 20″ risers. Cut 1/8″ past center for true center shot, 3 1/2″ & 5″ sight windows, radius shelf, custom grip, Supr Uni-Flex Special Accurized Limb.

* Draw weights: 55# up

* Price: $795 (personally autograph)


Warning: This product could cause injury, since we have no control over its use, user assumes all risk and responsibility for damages and injuries incurred from use of all and any products manufactured or sold by Wings of the Wind Archery.  Manufacturer and retailer shall not be held liable for any damages or injuries incurred with any Wings of the Wind  products.

5 Tips to Stop Living for Tomorrow

Time passes by so quickly! I’m not sure how it happens but one day you’re at home doing your homework because you’ve got classess tomorrow and the next you’re supposed to figure out who you are and make a life you love for yourself. It’s crazy. And because time flies so fast it’s up to us to make the most of it. How do we do that? By being present in the moment as much as we can.
Have you noticed that it’s our default mindset to live our lives expecting a better moment? We call it differently: Friday, the weekend, vacation time, pay-day. We’re always in a hurry to get to some point in the future and we tend to neglect the present. If you ask me, that’s no way to live. Living in the present moment makes you cherish what you are experiencing now – not reflecting or reminiscing – just tasting the present. And consciously constructing your life so you’re able to live this way is truly a blessing we all need to explore.
Because otherwise what kind of living do we have? Life is pretty much like an endless race to get to somewhere without ever having enough time to enjoy it when we do. Weekends are short and Monday is the worst word you can think of. When you scroll down your feed you’re constantly reminded of just how excruciating Mondays are and how unbelievably short your free time is. Do you really want to make this your way of life? Or do you want to make some effort and create a living you like every single day? You can enjoy the beauty of now no matter where you are and what you do for a living – you just have to notice it. Not sure where to start? How about….
* Practice gratitude. Being grateful has a lot to do with being present because it makes you automatically shift towards everything you have/are experiencing now. Taking time to consciously think about where you are in life and what you have teaches your brain to pay attention to the current moment instead of racing forward like it usually does.
* Take short breaks more often. I’ve noticed that people dread Mondays not because they hate their work (mostly) but because they feel pushed to the corner and made to do the work. Though it’s true that we all have to work for a living you can always make it easier for yourself in numerous ways: one of which is to take short breaks as often as you need to. Everyone’s working style and rhythm is different and you’ll most likely feel refreshed if you take 5 minutes to get some air. Make sure you’re not letting work spill into these breaks though: just allow your mind to wander and take a moment to detach from your next work task.
* Don’t refrain yourself from things you like. Who says you can’t indulge in a night out if it’s a weeknight? Or in a glass of wine, popcorn and a good movie? Don’t refrain from doing what makes you happy just because you need to be at the office at 9 tomorrow: live life now and enjoy what you love doing (just don’t take it too far unless you feel prepared to deal with a morning headache).
* Take care. I’ll never get tired of saying this but taking care of your body is essential to feeling like the bomb anytime, anywhere. Eating bad food all the time can make you feel droopy and lazy, not getting enough sleep ca make you zero in on getting back home after work and just collapsing. The basis of living a mindful life lie in knowing how to keep yourself alert and present.
* Shift your mindset. It’s so tempting to think that Mondays are to blame for all your misfits in life when everyone else seems to think so too. Don’t fall for it. Don’t spend your weekends dreading Monday and don’t spend your time waiting for pay-day. Don’t think the day will be crap before it’s even begun: give it a chance! Shift your mindset towards the fact that every day is a refreshing new start that needs to be enjoyed now before it’s gone.
How do you enjoy now? Let me know in the comments below

5 Tips to Help You Find a Scanning Company

Mistake One: The higher the resolution, the better the quality scan.

If there is one thing I want you to learn, it is this: when you see 4000 DPI it does not mean quality. DPI is just bits and bytes. DPI has nothing to do with quality. When you scan at 4000 DPI, all it does is pick up pixels. So if your slide is faded, or your photo has finger prints, or your negative is scratched, the scanner will pick up everything. That is the issue when you convert analog to digital. Digital will pick up everything. Even if you have one year old photos, the scanners will find something to ruin the scan. To make sure your scans look better than your originals, you need some sort of editing.

Mistake Two: “Digital Ice” is the answer in fixing scans
You might have seen “Digital Ice”, “DEE”, “ROC”, etc. as some sort of high technology that fixes all scans. And in my ten years in graphic design, I would LOVE to press one button that fixes color, exposure, dust, scratches. Digital Ice is mostly marketing. Even with my high end film scanners, Digital Ice cannot do what the human eye can. That is why I edit all my scans in Photoshop. How Digital Ice works is, say you have a cluster of white pixels. And those pixels are surrounded by black pixels. And the program will fill in the white pixels. But sometimes I would get images of people with no eye balls!

Mistake Three: Buying on price rather than value
There are many bulk scanning companies out there. And if you do not mind editing the images yourself, than there is no harm choosing these companies. Or, you can buy a scanner and do the job yourself. But if you want scans that look better than your originals, find a company who focuses on quality rather than competing on “low low” price.

Recommendation One: Get samples of your own scans before you commit!
A great scanning company will be glad to offer you sample scans for free. Even if they do not, it is better to lose $10 than $100. Send 30 slides or photos. If you like there quality and services, send the rest. And make sure they offer an unconditional 100% guarantee.

Recommendation Two: Ask questions!
1. Ask what their process is. Do they zip through your scans? Or do they take time and make sure all scans are done right.

2. Ask to get a quote. Some might advertise 20 cents per scan. But that advertised price might not include editing, or DVD disc, or handling your originals.

3. Ask to get a few samples done. Even if you have to pay for it, it is better to lose $10 than $100.

4. Ask about their policy on bad scans. Not all scans can be fixed. But a great company will be happy to not charge you for bad scans. Do not accept bad scans.

Thank you for reading my guide!

Konrad Michniewicz :  is a small team of graphic designers dedicated to slide, negative, photo scanning. Located in Toronto.

5 Tips To Get Retweeted On Twitter

If another Twitter users finds your tweet interesting, they pass it on (or retweet it). If one of their followers likes it, they can retweet it again (rinse and repeat). Retweets can exposes a single tweet to hundreds, if not thousands, of people all across Twitter.

Here are a few ideas to give your tweets the most viral potential:

1. Have a short username

Your username can be a maximum of 15 characters. However, with a limit of 140 characters, each one is precious. So the longer your username, the less room someone else has to retweet your posts, or @respond to you. You can change your username at any time. It is best to have username less than 10 characters in length.

2. Leave enough space to allow people to retweet

If you want to have your tweet spread throughout the twittersphere, make sure that you are staying well under the 140 character limit. Be sure to leave enough characters that someone retweeting your post can include your username and maybe a short comment of their own. If other users have to edit your tweets to meet the 140 character limit, there’s a good chance they’ll leave your username off or abandon the retweet altogether. Ideally, your posts should be 120 characters or less in length, or at least enough to include a “RT @username” in the retweet.

3. Share interesting and unique content

You don’t want to share anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to see on a billboard, but be interesting. People like to follow people who educate and entertain them. If you can do both, you’re golden. If you can, try and be the first to break the news within your industry. If you’re at a major horse event, let others know what’s going on (scores, news, any changes to the schedule, etc.) And if you can’t be the first, be the best–make your tweet interesting, funny or thought-provoking.

4. Use a URL shortener

You should always use a URL shortener when tweeting links. One of the most useful URL shorteners is integrated with tools such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite. Plus, gives you some fantastic real-time stats that allow you to see how well your content is performing.

5. Mind your Ps and Qs

While there is some tolerance for shorthand, it’s best if your tweets use flawless grammar, perfect spelling and correct (and acceptable) punctuation. If YOU can’t be bothered to take the time to do these, no one will take the time to read them.

Bonus: Don’t be a robot

It’s okay to schedule tweets in advance but add your own spin and voice to them. Avoid copying and pasting headlines from other users because that’s what everyone else will be doing. If you add your own voice, other people will get a better idea of the type of person you really are, which can distinguish you from others. While automating processes can save a lot of time, they can also come across to other users as, well, automated.

YouTube Marketing and advertising And Why You Must Do It

YouTube is a fantastic place to market your on-line enterprise on. YouTube is the amount three rated website on the web in terms of internet site site visitors, and you can get in on this trend even though it is nevertheless below. Every day hundreds of thousands of folks visit this site to look at their favored videos, find out new things, or just to blow some steam. Well you can capitalize large time off of this exercise.

The initial way to make YouTube efficiently is to use it. Seems foolish and straightforward right? Effectively you’d be shocked by how many men and women don’t do anything at all in their organization to get far more targeted traffic and sales. And this contains not marketing and advertising on YouTube. A lot of people consider that they can just take their slow time and make 1 mediocre video every single thirty times. But if you want to make funds on the web, you will have to do a lot more than this.

You have to go tough and be lively on YouTube. Just because you add a movie up to YouTube, it does not suggest that it will get hundreds or thousands and thousands of views right away. What you will be promoting “probably” won’t be related to what a renowned musician is promoting. You will possibly be marketing data – instead of leisure.

Due to the fact of this, you will have to industry your details. You can do a few things to marketplace your video. You can market it in the signature spot of your e-mail e-newsletter. You can promote on the articles spot of your web site or site. You can encourage it in your totally free products (this kind of as a totally free e-book, free of charge report, cost-free online video, totally free MP3, and so on). And you can even market it in message boards. It is just a simple advertising job.

The more you industry your video clips, the a lot more views you will get to it. And the more videos you create and upload to YouTube, the far more publicity your internet site will get. I keep in mind my cousin questioned me a single working day if I upload 1 online video to YouTube daily. I instructed him that I add 5 videos to YouTube every day. He was astonished – but YouTube isn’t.

YouTube in fact has tools that you can use to upload lots of videos to their internet site. So they truly encourage you to add heaps of videos to their web site. Because of this, you will want to generate some substantial high quality videos and submit a whole lot of them to YouTube. Make certain your movies are excellent.

Don’t add “write-up videos”. These are fundamentally conversing articles or blog posts. What I mean is that these are video clips that are someone’s write-up, and it was generally spoken into a video. cheap youtube views does not like this. And it’s from their terms of support (TOS). So if you want to make the most out of YouTube, you will want to get your experience on digicam.

Go down to your neighborhood Walmart and buy your self a great camcorder. It ought to only price you $100. Buy it, and then record oneself on digicam talking out some great info, or what ever kind of material that you want to create. This is infinitely greater than a chatting article, and you’ll truly get more views to your video clips this way.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Happy

As a dog owner, it’s important that you do whatever you possibly can in order to keep your dog happy. A dog that is happy tends to be more loving towards you, more protective of the household, and more willing to listen to what you have to say.

Some dog owners think that as long as they provide food and shelter, their dog will be happy, but this isn’t true. Dogs need so much more in order to remain happy throughout their lifetime, and the following tips will help ensure that you keep your dog happy at all times.

Your dog provides you with unconditional love and affection, and it’s important that you show them the same in return. You are everything to your dog. They don’t have other friends they can meet up and hang out with whenever they want. They can’t spend an entire afternoon shopping or going out to eat. They need you, and you are their everything.

If you want to keep your dog happy, it’s important that you show them just how much you care at all times. Pet your dog as often as you possibly can. Talk to them whenever you can in a nice soothing tone. By showing them just how much you love them, you will keep them happy.

While crate training is acceptable, it’s important that your dog doesn’t spend the majority of everyday locked up in a crate. Your dog naturally wants to be able to walk (or run) around, and they want to be able to curl up and sleep wherever they feel most comfortable. If you lock your dog up for hours while you’re away, your dog is going to feel miserable.

If you need to crate your dog because he or she has a tendency to chew, you should try to have someone come over once or twice during the day to let your dog out or take them for a walk. This way, your dog is not spending their entire day cooped up in a cage.

Another alternative would be to take the time to ensure you pet is well trained through the use of simple behavior modification techniques that are safe to employ . This will allow you to scuplt your dog as you see fit and keep them out and about throughout the day without the worry of them causing damage to your things.

Take your dog out of the house every now and then. Take them for a walk around the neighborhood, take them to a local dog park, or even take them for a ride in the car. Your dog will be excited just to get out of the house, and this will keep your dog happy.

Take some time every day to play with your dog. Go out in the yard with them and play fetch. Get yourself a rope and play tug of war. Take them swimming. Or even invest in a laser light and watch your dog chase it around the house. Playing with your dog not only keeps them happy, but it also provides them with plenty of exercise to keep them healthy.

Dogs enjoy getting treats from you, even if it’s just a simple milkbone. Make sure to give your dog treats when they’re being good (or whenever you want). It’s a simple gesture that will easily keep your dog happy.

Written by Andy Wilkinson

5 Steps To Soothing Your Crying Baby

When your baby cries, one of the first things you want to do is make it stop! While the reasons why a baby cries can get complex (since crying is communication and ensure survival), getting a crying baby calmed down can help everyone feel better.

Sources suggest imitating the womb to calm your baby down. The womb is a surprisingly noisy place – it’s dark, snug, and full of various sounds such as blood rushing through the circulatory system and food moving through the digestive organs. And when a mom-to-be walks around, turns over, or moves in any way, her baby feels it. So keep those things in mind as we discuss these 5 steps to soothing your crying baby.

1. Calm Yourself
This oft-forgotten step is crucial. Babies can pick up on your tension and anxiety, which can be quite high after you’ve listened to a crying baby for a while. Many experts are pointing to parental calmness as a key player in calming a baby. Take whatever steps you know work for you that give you a sense of calm and peace – meditation, prayer, deap breathing, even stretching (if baby is in a safe place) are all possibilities. Soothing music may help you and baby to feel calmer.

2. Swaddle
Many mothers swear by this one. The close feeling of the swaddling blanket helps your baby feel secure and “contained,” as in the uterus. Make sure you do it safely, though – lay out a thin, soft blanket, fold down a corner, and lay baby so the back of his head is on the folded down corner. This keeps the blanket from covering baby’s face. Then bring one corner of the blanket across baby’s body and tuck it underneath him. Loosely bring up the bottom of the blanket up to the bottom of baby’s neck, then bring the other side corner up and tuck it under your baby. Do not lay baby on his stomach, and make sure his feet can still move freely. Check with your pediatrician or midwife to make sure you’re doing it safely.

3. Slings
Instead of swaddling, putting baby in a sling (approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics or equivalent organization) and walking her around can help. This is another womb mimicking environment that many babies find so relaxing that they fall asleep.

4. Shush
This “shushing” or “sh” sound that mothers seem to make by instinct is right on track. It sounds like the sounds of the womb, and acts a bit like “white noise.” Experts say you can “shush” as loudly as you need to; you can also play a CD of womb sounds or run an appliance like a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner.

5. Suckling
Whether you are breastfeeding or use pacifiers and bottles, satisfying the suckling instinct is very calming for babies. You can offer him the breast or something baby safe to suck on (such as a pacifier).

Download Pokemon Black DS Roms

Pokemon Black DS is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Pokemon black console game. It serves as a precursor to the immensely famous Pokemon black and white video game. Once again, the Pokemon Company has developed a high-quality video game based on one of its most popular franchises. The new version retains a number of the features from its predecessors, including incredible image quality visuals and enhanced sound effects. This release maintains the legacy established by the original Pokemon black and white games of having a great narrative, thrilling dungeons and bosses, and awesome Pokemon companions.
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The shiny Pokemon black ds is one of the most notable additions. The new shiny Pokemon ds are glossy red rather than the metallic colors associated with previous shiny Pokemon, and they are shinier than any prior shiny Pokemon. As seen in the new Pokemon black rom, shiny rayon, shiny charizard, shiny Latios, shiny Latias, shiny Latios, shiny genesect, shiny darkrai, shiny Latios, shiny Latias, and shiny Gardevoir-EX. These shining as are only available via the purchase of the Pokemon black DS or through its download from online Pokemon black DS sources.
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5 Steps To Positioning Yourself As A Leader

I recently attended a coaching call with one of the top leaders in the Network Marketing space. I wanted to share that information with you in order to help you build your business and position yourself as a leader in any niche. I am breaking this information up into a five post series as I believe that each step deserves it’s own post.

This information was from a guy that was in foreclosure in 2009, barely making $19K/year. He now has multiple 7 figure income streams and is paid a lot of money to coach and speak at various events all around the world.

You can position yourself as an authority before you have any major results. You will learn the five steps it takes to position yourself as an expert, even if you have no results. This can be accomplished part time, so all of you that are still working at a JOB, this information will work for you too.

The first step is the most important one of all. You must have a Vision. Now I know that a lot of people are rolling their eyes at this point, saying “not more of this psychological mumbo jumbo crap” . But having a Vision is the most important step. Goals are not good enough to keep you going on track. You must have a Vision of the person you want to become and visualize yourself in that role every day. Any coach or trainer that doesn’t talk about Vision is a waste of your time.

So how do you go about getting your Vision? Start asking yourself the following questions: What do you want to become? How do you want to be known? Stop focusing on the money and instead focus on the person that you want to become. All great coaches and successful entrepreneurs will tell you that once you stop focusing on the money, and focusing on who you want to become, the money will follow.

You must see yourself in better situation than you are currently in without justifying where you are. Most people project all of the bad things that might happen instead. That is why most people are stuck in their current situations and will never change. You must change your mindset and think like successful people.

Successful people have problems just like everyone else. The difference is how they handle and think about those situations. If they don’t have the money, they think how can they get the money. For every problem that comes up, they focus on overcoming that problem. This is completely opposite to how most people handle problems.

Also, you must eliminate the NSS in your vocabulary. NSS – Non Serving Statements. Maybe you are guilty of saying things like…..I don’t know what to do. Easy for him/her to say. It isn’t working! I don’t have the money. Just about every successful person has a back story that is worst than many non successful people. Oprah Winfrey had one of the worst upbringings ever – incest, rape, beatings, and more. Did that stop her from becoming a billionaire?

Don’t tackle yourself on the way to the goal line. Say things like I’m so greatful that the money is on the way. Play to win, not to see the loss. If you have been “where you are” for an extended period of time, you are holding on to something. Things like where you grew up, health conditions, bad childhood, lack of education – these are only excuses. You must let go and focus on who you want to become, not who you were or are.

Do you have a hatred of the wealthy? This is very common as most people are prone to jealousy and bitterness. Just remember that you cannot become that which you despise! You must change your thinking if you every want to become successful.

Maybe you’ve been trying to build a business for awhile and haven’t seen any success. What do you say when someone close to you asks you why you aren’t successful? Think about this for a second. Whatever you would honestly say is most likely holding you back. Here’s a tip – what is your definition of success? I can tell you that mine is growth and contribution. So if you are constantly growing by learning & applying new things and contributing to others by teaching or helping them, is that not success?

In closing, Goals are not enough to keep you going. Goals have to be coupled with the Vision of WHO you want to become in order to stay on the right path for success. And, if you are thinking of giving up, remember that quitting will NEVER speed things up 😉 .

5 Step System to Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is necessary if you want to establish your share in the market. You must select a niche and a strategy to find your target audience. This 5 Step System to Niche Marketing will help you towards long-term profits.

1. Identify and Understand Your Niche

You must completely understand what niche you are going after. Having some background knowledge in your niche can help you narrow down a target market. Also, by identifying a certain niche, it can help to narrow down the scope of your website as you begin.

2. Find a Target Market

In order to start niche marketing, you must understand your target audience. This requires some research on the customers you plan on selling to. For example, if I am selling women’s jewelry, I should build my content and products specifically targeted at women. Depending on the style of jewelry, I could figure out the age-range of the women I will be marketing to. This can help you decide whether or not to take on certain advertisement ventures.

3. Content & On-Page SEO

This is a very important step when it comes to niche marketing. Many first time marketers do as much as they can off the website like build backlinks, submit articles, and do social bookmarking. However, if the article or page they are linking to isn’t optimized for search engines, it might be hard to rank. On-Page SEO involves putting your keyword in your title tag, meta description, on title tags of pictures, and so forth. When you are building content, it is really important to focus on optimizing it and writing for your website visitors.

4. Submit Articles to Directories and do Guest Blogging

Submitting articles to directories can help your search engine visibility because SE’s will be able to index you faster. Also, there are some niche directories that can help you build an audience. This audience can them become interested in your website and potentially and returning member. Guest Blogging helps get your articles on some of the best websites on the internet. By offering your expertise, you will get several links back to your website helping you rank high.

5. Get Involved in Social Media

The main 3 social media websites to join are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you are active on these three networks, it can help build a larger fan base. Just think about them as a free method of advertising your content. It costs nothing but time in order to be active on social media websites, and it is worth your time. Just make sure you take the time to connect with your fan base and don’t just post your content constantly.


These are the 5 Steps to Niche Marketing that I recommend you take. I am currently working on doing all of these things in order to add authority to my website. If you are missing one of these steps, you are potentially losing out on a share of the market.