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Let’s talk about roadmap

I recently discovered that Bitbucket is not duplicating the issue tracker while forking a repository. Thus you don’t have any visibility on what’s going on for DPAPIck and that’s why I’m writing this post.

So, as far as we are going, this is why we planned to release for version 0.3:

  • EFS Certificate recovery
  • Inline documentation
  • bin tools rewriting to keep only one binary and link it to the probes (usage should be similar to volatility for those who are familiar)
  • Okteta support but low priority for this one…

Inline documentation is already done, EFS private decryption is done too but we need to add a PKCS#12 export function to keep the certificate with its private key and make it easy to work on EFS from Linux.

The bin tools rewriting is stale for the moment as I need to focus on another project. But as soon as I have time to go back on DPAPIck, I will finish this part and release a new version. Okteta support may be for a further version.

If you have any suggestion, any wish-list to add to our roadmap, feel free to leave a comment ! This blog is here for that kind of stuff too

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