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Coffee Shop Bloggers: Rain Out Sat = 8 Hours of Blogging and SEO

I realize that I may have a problem. On Saturday, my kids’ three soccer games were rained out so I spent 5 hours working on my blog and SEO. I went to the school play that night and saw

there and she said the only thing she wanted for Mother’s Day was a clean house and hours of her SEO expert husband’s time working on the CoffeeShopBloggers.com blog — it needs categories and other fun stuff and we don’t know how to do it in Blogger. Then, after the play, I figured it was almost Mother’s Day and I had taken the kids myself to the play and my youngest was a handful so I spent 3 more hours on my blog stuff.

So… you might wonder what a blogger would do when they work 8 hours on their blog? Thanks for asking!!

* I hadn’t posted in three days so I posted 3 posts. One was a freebie as I found a good post elsewhere that I could report and one was a Mother’s Day Post I had found and saved until Mother’s Day so I really only wrote 1 posts. That was maybe 30 minutes?
* Each post then gets tweeted, and the tweet goes on facebook. Twice because I have a facebook page and a Fan page for my blog. So… 3 tweets and 6 Facebook wall updates. My tweets automatically get posted on my LinkedIn Account. So…another 15 minutes?
* I have been having trouble getting my Feedburner RSS email newsletter feed to work. It seems to conflict with the code I put on each page from Google Analytics. GreenCollarGuy , DesignTrackMind’s husband (also at school play), said that I was not supposed to put in on every page or post; it was supposed to go into the template of my blog.

* So… I had to figure out how to put code in my template and worked on that, adding the code to the Page Template because I did not see a Post Template. I hoped that is the right one and that I placed the code in the correct spot.

* But to be sure, I started researching Feedburner and WordPress. I found another method using a plugin that is supposed to be the easiest way to go. And my research on the best plugin for Google Analytics generated a blog post of 30 best Plugins so I posted this on the CoffeeShopBloggers.com blog. So I used the new post to figure out which was the best plugin for Google Analytics on WordPress because there are several.
* But when I installed it, it caused a database conflict and my blog melt down. I realized that I now needed to strip out all the google analytic code out of my 150 posts and pages. And deactivate the Google Analytics Plugin. And strip the Google Analytics code from the template of my blog. So I did all of that. And got a tweaky neck in the process. This took hours!
* Yay! Once the Google Analytic code is removed, my feedburner email newsletter finally works!
* I also went to BlogFrog because it’s the best Mom Blog Consolidator out there. I find that I get 10% return “Followers.” BlogFrog is like a Mom Blog Consolidator combined with Twitter and Facebook. So I followed a gazillion moms. This is nice brainless work. This took an hour or so.
* I wanted to increase my Twitter to 3000 this week and was several hundred shy. I follow all my BlogFrog new friends and they tend to follow back. Follow back on Twitter any new Blog Frog Friends took about a hour.
* Also to increase Twitter, I cleaned out the people that I follow who don’t follow me back. I use a free website, TwitterKarma.com. It’s great but a little time consuming. I have to “Whack” three time which is about 15 minutes of waiting around. Then I have to manually find those who don’t follow back, select and block. That takes a while. Another half hour gone.
* With a cleaned out Twitter, I can now follow a few hundred before I hit my max. I decide to follow @BostonMamas because she has the right demographic for me and she doesn’t follow anyone back. I figure anyone who follows her might be inclined to follow me. Another half hour?
* Not done yet, I decide it’s time to up my Facebook to 1000 friends. I export my LinkedIn connections and filter them through Facebook to find who is on Facebook but isn’t Friended to me. Surprising quick after you do it once. 10 or 15 minutes?
* I also import my gmail email list to Facebook to find more friends.
* Finally, I go to my Fan Page in Facebook (PragmaticMom) and ask all 950 Friends from my personal Facebook to “Fan or Like” my blog page. I did it the slow way by accident so it took 15 minutes, but it should only take a few minutes if you know what you are doing! (I know now! Nothing like learning a lesson the hard way to really pound it into your brain!)
* I am also answering and DM-ing from Twitter about 400 emails generated from this Twitter-Get-Followers Frenzy. I am also retweeting when I see something good. And adding links to my blog when I find a great blog I want to visit again. Hard to tell but probably an hour in bits and pieces all day keeping my email account cleaned out.
* My 5 comments a day is way behind so I write some comments from my Google word Alerts but not all of alerts in my email box because I’m way behind.

It’s finally time to go to bed but there is still so much to do:

* Rotate my ads. Mother’s Day is over so some of my ads need to be deactivated and more new ones added.
* Rotate the posts on my slider.
* Make sure I stripped all the Google Analytic Code from my posts so I need to run a search for “Google Analytics” in my posts and continue to strip html code.
* Do I dare try the Google Analytic plugin again?…
* Ugh..I still haven’t done all my comments.

I need Mother’s Day to spend on my blog catching up! I wonder if my kids will let me spend the day on my blog…


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