Coming Soon Themes for WordPress Sites 2013

It’s a bit of a juggling act when you first start off your blog, isn’t it?

I only recently came back to blogging, as I felt I had learned enough about the topics I blog about to actually have something to say that people wanted to hear. I think of blogs as being either like the Titanic, or the Iceberg. Hey, I know I gave ‘Iceberg’ a capital letter there but c’mon – it deserves a little respect; and it was no ordinary iceberg.


You can have a heavily loaded blog full of all the whizz-bang flashy gizmos that you are very proud of. An unsinkable luxury liner that heralds your internet fleet. Or you could have a wealth of experience beneath the water and show part of it above the water, on your blog. That honed area of quality content derived from a wealth of knowledge will sink any Titanic, any day.

That being said, there are a number of plugins that will help your blog attract and keep visitors and this post is one of many to come where I will share my thoughts on them. Who am I, that you should listen to me? Didn’t you read my about page? Aside from the info there, I spent over a year (full time) blogging the hard way. Doing everything myself, finding everything I could possibly find for free, writing my own posts, creating my own graphics etc. etc. I gave up. But there’s where all my wealth of experience and knowledge is. And I am sharing it with you here.

The plugins I am sharing today are ones that deal with that juggling act I mentioned earlier. You know that time when you have just started your blog but you are patiently building out the landing page. You know that if someone visits your blog they will find you at home in your pyjamas and the floor unswept. So it’s better to stick a “Do Not Disturb” sign up on the door. They will be much more likely to come back when you have your make up on and the kitchen sink isn’t full of washing up.

In the spirit of keeping your blog looking good while you do some tidying up, here’s a few ‘Out To Lunch’ themes you can use:



This is one of my favourites. What’s not to love about those funny round white people with no faces! You can grab this theme here:


This theme has a really nice simple touch. The pastel-ish colours are very popular lately and give a very modern look to the page.


Will black, orange and white ever get old? I doubt it as long as Amazon is around. It seems like everyone’s favourite marketing mix these days.


Not a big favourite of mine, but the percentage ready indicator is a nice touch and the ability to capture email addresses, Twitter followers and have an RSS feed to grab are all good ideas.



Ah, the Ice Breaker! A breath of very fresh air. All this ice talk makes me want a Mojito and it’s only 10am.


Don’t leave your theme on view forever, but it’s handy to keep one of these on your blog for whenever you make a monumental mistake and need to clean up without all your neighbours peering through your open front door.

All the best,


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