How To Increase Google PageRank Of Your Blog/Website

Google Page Rank is also known as Google PR this is a exclusive term about which every blogger don’t know completely. Every one does not know that how PageRank algorithm works or set the Page Rank of a site on which factors but with the saying of some pro SEO analysts I can say that Google set your PR according to your site backlinks. Backlinks are those links which from other sites points your site and they must be dofollow. You can read my post here :

Backlinks are organic and they must have quality if you start posting your links in the comments in other blogs and cosidering them the quality and dofollow links then you are making your own fool. They are just organic I mean if you create high quality content then other blogger will link to you to show their users. And the Google Page Rank a little bit depends on these dofollow links.

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Anyhow,, lets discuss that how we can do that i.e Increase Google Page Rank. To increase your blog’s PR you have to do hard work I hope you will do it to get rank higher.


Backlinks are the factor on which Google set your PR and it also improves your search rankings. To improve your Page Rank, you must get quality links to your site it will effect your PR in time  but not in the over night. This will transfer the traffic juice to your blog and it can help in increasing your Page Rank.

If your blog is related to News and Finance then you have to get backlink from the site which is related to your blog topic. This will give a big boost to your Page Rank.

I have already discussed many times in my blog that the content is the king. Without good and attracting content your blog is nothing. You can get a good traffic with a great content and can improve your ranking. Same the case with PR, if you have high quality content then other must link to your site and in this way you can increase your Google Page Rank.

Don’t copy anything from other sites. If you try to copy the content of others then Google algorithm will penalize you and if once you will be downgraded you will have no chance of getting up again. So keep in mind this while copying any thing.

Getting a backlink from high PR site is so difficult. You can use your own sites (If you have some) which already have good Page Rank, by using those websites you can get a dofollow and high quality link to your site. This can give a boost to your ranking and traffic. Because your other site traffic juice will be transferred to the latter ones.

Guest posting means to post on other’s blog and in return get a dofollow backlink. Matt Cutts the Google’s employee which says that the Guest posting can increase your PR. To get a quality backlink to your blog you must give something to the person that is giving you a backlink.

The goal is to post your content on a blog within your niche that will allow a dofollow link to your blog. Google’s bots will find those links, which you should accumulate over time, and they will favour your site more than blogs with fewer/no backlinks.

I mean never be crazy with your PR you cannot increase it in the over night it takes time. Do not post your link in every website as comment (I say it scrap). These links are totally nofollow your site will never get any PR help by commenting. If you commented in a blog which is not related to your niche but have good PR it will downgrade your site except upgrading. So keep in mind which sharing your blog link in comments.

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