How To Start A Website

If you want to know how to start a website the right way then don’t get involved with these online businesses that offer you website design and a Page #1 listing on search engines. If they aren’t themselves on Page 1 how are they going to get you there? Even more ludicrous is those that promise a #1 listing!

A #1 listing on Google? For every customer? Get real! You know what? They will do as they say, otherwise it might be illegal, but they will give you a #1 listing for a keyword nobody ever uses. Like if you name is Jerry Yankovic IV they will give you a #1 listing for that. Know what I mean?

Forget it. Don’t pay to have your website built for you because it will cost a fortune, and you will be paying for ever to have it maintained. Do you really want to know how to start a website? DIY – that’s right. Do it yourself. That’s what I did and I did it myself.

I am going to take you along exactly the same road that led me to online success, and I will be with you all the way. It won’t be free, but your first few months won’t cost more than $500. What you will need is:


* A website and foolproof web design system
* Keyword research tools
* Traffic analysis software
* Search engine listing software
* Unlimited email addresses
* Unlimited autoresponders (to automate your business)
* A blog (to promote your business)
* A shopping cart system
* A means of receiving credit card payments
* Information on how to do it all
* Much more


I can offer you all of that and more for less than $500. Here’s the breakdown:


* Website: $299
* PayPal : FREE – this allows you to make and accept online payments by credit and debit card.
* All the rest of the above: INCLUDED
* My acclaimed eBook SEOcious selling at $47 FREE
* My article marketing encyclopedia Article Czar FREE


Check out internet millionaire Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt in a new window then return here if you are interested. He knows how to start a website – he is the master! If not, thank you for visiting, and please return again when you get into trouble. Only 1-5% people succeed online, but far more do so with one of Ken’s websites. I will help you with every step, though Ken’s instructions on how to start a website are truly foolproof – not the proverbial ‘foolproof’!


If you are still here you liked what you saw, or are at least interested in being successful online at minimum cost with maximum help. You not only have my help but you also have Ken’s. Give it a go: $299 might seem a lot, but it isn’t. I spent thousands till I found this, and it turned my life around.

Email me your receipt and I will send you SEOcious and Article Czar free. Register for PayPal HERE.

If you prefer a more traditional credit card merchant register with
2Checkout HERE There is a $49 joining fee which is cheap compared to the $400+ charged by the major banks. They also offer a shopping cart.

No other website offering you information on how to start a website can offer you all of this.


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