Why You Should Participate in Guest Blogging Contests?

After the guest blogging dead, many bloggers are confused whether they should continue with it or not. However, it’s not like that you can’t choose the guest blogging now. Still, there are many blogs that are allowing you to post as a Guest.

Even if you provide a highly researched article to a blog, they might pay you. The youronline.biz is such a blog where you can get an amount of 100$ for posting as a Guest. But the article should be according to their need as they have mentioned in their Terms & conditions.

Well, there are still the opportunities for you to get exposure via guest blogging. The death of guest blogging is only for them who just want some backlink for their blog in return.

Many blog owners follow the strategies to host some giveaway contests. The Guest Blogging Contest is one of such contests that may help you to aware the world about your presence and get new audiences for the blog.

Currently, I have also participated in a contest on Trickmik[dot]com. And after participating I got to know the benefits of this participation. The trickmik.com owner has put a price for the winners as some amount. But there will be some more benefits other than just money in case if you don’t win the guest blogging contest.

So, in this blog post I’m sharing some goodies that you can get from a guest blogging contest.


Getting the new Audiences

Every blog has their own range for getting an audience. Every blog owner has their own Blogging network by which they get the reader and audience for the blog. Your participation in such a blog will bring the new audience, for your blog (in case you have provided your author bio along with the guest post).

Who else don’t want new audience?

Increasing Readership

After getting a positive response to your article, you will feel that your readership is getting boosted. When someone reads your article and leaves their feedback, then you are on the right path for increasing the readership. No matter who left it, but you are owning it.


Not only you are there to participate in the contest. A lot of people will crowd around you. The best thing I liked was the new connections with other bloggers. I even never heard of them, but now they are on my list and I am on their list.

Recently I made a new blogging friend Aman Bansal from moneybies.com


Would you like to get a new experience? What blogging always tells you is the learning. More you will learn, the more will you earn from it. However, I have felt no new change in myself yet, but I am sure, in the end I will be owning some new skills.


Do good, have Good. This is true in blogging also. If you will help someone, definitely they will help you back when you’ll need them. The only help a blogger ask is the sharing of the blog posts over social media and the feedbacks. As I have already told, every person has a specific blogging network of people.

By mutual sharing, you can get even more social signals for your blog articles.

Building Authority

In case if you are able to provide a very useful guide for the other people via your guest post, it will surely create you influence among them and you could be able to acquire some authority. (Who else will miss such opportunity J? )

The Joy of Winning

What happens when you used to finish your assignments and feel like a winner. In case, you are declared to be the winner of a guest blogging contest, you will get a huge exposure and that’s the golden opportunity to take away your brand to the next level.


As, I said above, I have also participated in the Guest Blogging contest. My title for the contest is

In this article, I have discussed a few guides that can help to continue the Interest and passion in the blogging and presenting it in the correct way. If you like that article then kindly leave some feedback there and share on your social profiles.

How To Increase Google PageRank Of Your Blog/Website

Google Page Rank is also known as Google PR this is a exclusive term about which every blogger don’t know completely. Every one does not know that how PageRank algorithm works or set the Page Rank of a site on which factors but with the saying of some pro SEO analysts I can say that Google set your PR according to your site backlinks. Backlinks are those links which from other sites points your site and they must be dofollow. You can read my post here :

Backlinks are organic and they must have quality if you start posting your links in the comments in other blogs and cosidering them the quality and dofollow links then you are making your own fool. They are just organic I mean if you create high quality content then other blogger will link to you to show their users. And the Google Page Rank a little bit depends on these dofollow links.

Have You Read These..

Anyhow,, lets discuss that how we can do that i.e Increase Google Page Rank. To increase your blog’s PR you have to do hard work I hope you will do it to get rank higher.


Backlinks are the factor on which Google set your PR and it also improves your search rankings. To improve your Page Rank, you must get quality links to your site it will effect your PR in time  but not in the over night. This will transfer the traffic juice to your blog and it can help in increasing your Page Rank.

If your blog is related to News and Finance then you have to get backlink from the site which is related to your blog topic. This will give a big boost to your Page Rank.

I have already discussed many times in my blog that the content is the king. Without good and attracting content your blog is nothing. You can get a good traffic with a great content and can improve your ranking. Same the case with PR, if you have high quality content then other must link to your site and in this way you can increase your Google Page Rank.

Don’t copy anything from other sites. If you try to copy the content of others then Google algorithm will penalize you and if once you will be downgraded you will have no chance of getting up again. So keep in mind this while copying any thing.

Getting a backlink from high PR site is so difficult. You can use your own sites (If you have some) which already have good Page Rank, by using those websites you can get a dofollow and high quality link to your site. This can give a boost to your ranking and traffic. Because your other site traffic juice will be transferred to the latter ones.

Guest posting means to post on other’s blog and in return get a dofollow backlink. Matt Cutts the Google’s employee which says that the Guest posting can increase your PR. To get a quality backlink to your blog you must give something to the person that is giving you a backlink.

The goal is to post your content on a blog within your niche that will allow a dofollow link to your blog. Google’s bots will find those links, which you should accumulate over time, and they will favour your site more than blogs with fewer/no backlinks.

I mean never be crazy with your PR you cannot increase it in the over night it takes time. Do not post your link in every website as comment (I say it scrap). These links are totally nofollow your site will never get any PR help by commenting. If you commented in a blog which is not related to your niche but have good PR it will downgrade your site except upgrading. So keep in mind which sharing your blog link in comments.

Must Read These.

I hope you like this post and learn something about increasing your PR. Share this with your friends if you like this, because sharing is caring.

30 Traffic and Link Building Gambits

1. Write something amazing and current about your niche, email other bloggers and chances are that they will link to you.

2. Be Controversial, challenge what everyone is saying but justify why you are opposing it. People eat this stuff up and they will either agree with you or disagree and link to you to explain why you are wrong. It’s so easy. Look at the example of my recent post that got a lot of attention and page views.

3. Leave awesome comments on other people blogs linking back to your site (to find blogs that will probably gather some serious traffic look at Digg, Delicious and Reddit’s Upcoming or Hot sections)

4. Get on Yahoo Answers and answer peoples questions, make sure you have the absolute best answer so that you are always on top. Add a link to your site as a resource.

5. Add an email list, opt in form at a very prominent, hard to miss area on your site. Some people ue the hover method which works for them.

6. Add an RSS button so that people can subscribe. Don’t forget to ask people to subscribe. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

7. Ask people to subscribe to your feed either at the beginning or end of each post.

8. Review a product or company and ask them to link to you. People love free publicity and if you give it to them, they would want to link to you.

9. Add bookmark and share buttons to your site. Make t easy for people to share our content with the world. Hover bars like the one on this site works well

10. Submit your RSS feed to feed directories. ( Got upwards of 1000 views for a single post within two hours from a single post.)

11.Give well researched and thorough posts. If your posts aren’t researched enough, it will show. People will realize you are not giving any value and wouldn’t want to link or subscribe to you.

12. Optimize your post title for the keywords people normally search for. This is the first thing search engines see. I’m not saying continuously using exact match, too much optimization could penalize you but instead find a way of incorporating them. you can also use different variations.

13. Submit your site to hundreds of free directories. It may not be as effective as before but cumulatively, it does work to build links.

14. Conduct a survey in your niche, publish the results as a post and contact some bloggers and tell them about it. They might link to you if you just ask, they don’t all have to be A-listers. All you have to do is make sure it is relevant and really informative.

15. Get your RSS feed syndicated by using sites like hubpages and Zimbio.

16. Network with other bloggers. Make friends with other bloggers in your niche. That way, if you ever need a favour. They will be willing to help you out ( e.g. you are launching a product or you wan to guest post for them. )

17. Write Amazing Headlines. This is extra effective on sociall media sites like Reddit and STumbleUpon.

Check Out My StumbleUpon Traffic Series:

18. Link out to other bloggers. Don’t be stingy with the links. You want your readers to gain value, so provide them with a place they can get additional value. Bloggers also keep track of who links to them and will probably browse your site and link to one of your posts as a sort of thank you,

19. Get a good domain name, something catchy and easy to remember.

20. Brand yourself. Create a brand and promote it. Make people associate your brand with top notch content.

21. Take advantage of PLR content for your niche. Add a catchy title and post it to your site. You get a lot of new content and a lot of new traffic. It’ a win-win.

22. Use a commonly searched keyword or words as your domain name. This creates strong association within search engines.

23. Apply to be listed on Google News Search only if you firmly believe your site is high quality otherwise you risk rejection.

24. Get your site listed on All Top. You get pr7 backlinks and a good traffic boost.

25. You can buy advertising in others peoples mailing lists. Find someone within your niche with a high number of subscribers. Shoot them an email and start negotiating.

26. If you have a product, start an affiliate program or join one as a merchant and get people to do most of the promotion work for you.

27. Exchange links with a few related sites in your niche. Link exchanges still work if done in moderation. Don’t list your site or your partners site on a page just for links. This waves a red flag. Put them in a small blogroll. Maybe a maximum of ten quality sites.

28. Send articles to Ezine Publishers with a link back to your site.

29. Give away something for free. This is where ebooks and reports come in. People love free stuff. So use this as bait and reel them in.

30. Subscribe to my feed. That’s right

!!! You get free updates and information on all things blogging, seo, traffic building, money making and social media.

What link building and traffic generation methods do you have?

Stumble it, Like it, Tweet it or Digg It

Block all Spam Comments and Trackbacks from WordPress

Every blogger or webmaster who are using WordPress as a CMS for their websites, they are facing massive attacks of spam comments and trackbacks/ping-backs. I was also face same problem when start using WordPress but fortunately after some experiments with different plugins I got success to block all spam comments completely from WordPress. So I decided to share these plugins with you to remove all spam comments. These plugins detect spam comments and move them to spam box automatically.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (GASP) is a best plugin ever to block spammers to submit comments. It generate a check box after comment box which is only visible to humans and invisible for bots. The good thing for this plugin is that you only check a box no need to write irritating captcha codes. So first of all install this plugin which is available for free in WP plugins directory.

It is alternative of GASP plugin actually, but if you continue facing some spam comments after installing GASP then install CSW Comment SPAM Wiper it will remove all bot attacks. Good thing of this plugin is that if it is fail to catch any spam comment you can manually move that comment to spam box and this plugin remember it and next time that type of comments automatically moved to spam / deleted by Wiper . It will also remove all trackbacks spam.

All spam bots post links in their comments, so if we disallowed links in comments body then we can protect our blog by spammers. So Anti Spam Comments do this task for you. You must install this plugin. It will protect users to post links in their very first comment. When you approve first comment of that user, so from the next comment he will be able to share links in their comments.

This is also very helpful WordPress Plugin. It will block all intelligent spammer bots who are looking genuine and passed by other plugins. So I recommend you to install this plugin too. This plugin adds a CSS style sheet or image in the source code. When a browser loads that style-sheet / image a cookie is dropped. If that user then leaves a comment the cookie is checked. If it doesn’t exist the comment is moved to spam. It also check comments speed, if user write and submit comments too fast it will block the user.


I recommend you to install all above plugins, I am also using them. I have a great experience with them. I have not receive even a single spam comment in my pending box. Some themes do not support GASP plugin, so don’t worry about it, just install others 3. They will also block all spam from you site. I notice most of the bloggers recommend to use Askimet, No doubt it is also a powerful and good plugin to block spammer’s comments but Askimet is not for free now so I will not recommend you to use it if you are newbie and not afford it.

Note : You must empty your spam box daily. Just go to your Spam box and click a single button to empty spam box completely.

You are welcome to share your experience with WordPress and tell us your story that how you overcome huge and massive spam in your website ? Specially those bloggers who are just shifted from blogger to WP. Happy Blogging with WP and Good Bye to all Spammers

Online Affiliate Programs – Which One Is For You?

There are numerous ways to make money from the internet, and choosing the right one can be quite difficult. Among the choices, the quickest and fastest way to do so is perhaps through affiliate marketing. However, with so many great affiliate marketing programs on the net, picking the right one can be hard.

You don’t need special skills to do affiliate marketing. You don’t need to be a tech geek or an expert on the web to do so. What you need is a bit of HTML and marketing skills to get started. Now let’s take a look at some affiliate marketing websites and what they offer.


Clickbank.com is one of the web’s leading affiliate marketing website. A lot of people love it because it allows big profit, at least 75% commission on each singular sale. But Clickbank.com doesn’t just offer any kinds of products, though. This site focuses on digital products.

Now, You may wonder how to make money through Clickbank.com. You start by opening your own free account. Then, you start looking for items to promote in the Clickbank Marketplace, these items should be relevant to your site. After choosing the products, you can now start advertising those products on your website. Each time your website generates a sale, you earns money through commission.

So when you think about it, what’s really important is your advertisement and promotions. Your profits will grow as you continue to advertise more affiliate products. In fact, if you’re really good at this, this can turn into a lucrative business. You must know that Click Bank is all about digital products.

Commission Junction

CJ or Commission Junction is another great online affiliate website. Unlike Clickbank.com that focuses on digital products, this site is more into physical products and professional services. Creating an account at CJ.com is also free, but the website is a lot stricter when it comes to promotions. The merchant or the client will have to give his or her approval before you get to promote any service from him or her. This website requires merchant approval because what usually sold are high end products. They will want to make sure your web sites are professional and relevant.

If you’re a newbie, starting at Clickbank.com would be a better idea. When you’re ready to step up to a bigger game, then you can try out CJ.com. You just have to know that physical products and professional services are those being promoted in CJ.com.


Linkshare is another huge affiliate marketing website, it has millions of partners including a couple of Fortune 500 companies. Among these are Hallmark, JC Penny and Delta Airlines. Linkshare allows clients (the merchants) to directly pay their affiliates. Thus, as an affiliate, this means that you get paid directly by the merchant for any commission you make.

This is a risk to you, but can be avoided by looking at merchant’s paying history as well as doing some research beforehand. Linkshare is the best program to choose if you don’t want to go through the ”middle-man” affiliate network and get bigger share of the commission directly from merchants.

ClickBank, CJ and LinkShare are great affiliate programs, but they are different in their own ways. So what should you choose? Only you can answer this question. Each has their own strengths and drawbacks.

Increase your website traffic for free by adding pictures


Did you know by simply adding pictures to your article you will increase your website traffic for free? Google’s spiders and crawlers love pictures and will rank your content higher if you have them in your article. Pictures enhance your article and give your reader a visual illustration about what you are writing about. If your reader can visualize your content you will connect with them better through your article. Not sure how to add pictures to your article? Follow the simple steps below to add pictures to increase your rank and website traffic for free.

The first step to add pictures to your blog is to go to Google images. Next type in the picture that you want your reader to visualize or think about when they are reading your article. Scan the photo’s for a picture that illustrates what you are writing about best.

TIP: Where you place the cursor prior to adding the picture will be where your picture is placed. Be sure to place your cursor where you want your picture to go prior to adding these steps.

Second, use your mouse and “right click” on the image and select “save image as”. A folder list will appear and you need to select where you want the image saved. Create a name for your file/picture and save the picture to that file. I recommend your desktop so you have easy access to it.

Third, after finishing your blog look for the icon that says “add image” on your toolbar. Click on the icon and it will bring up another box with an option to browse your computer for the image you saved. Click the “browse” button and go to the location you stored your file.

After you have completed your blog look for the image that says either photo/image on your blog post. Click on the icon and it will bring up another box with an option to browse your computer for the image you saved. Click the “select image” button and go to the location you stored your file. Left click the image to attach the file. The file will then download. Click save image.

Lastly, a “add media to field box” will pop up. In this box choose where you want the picture to be at in your article. After you chose where you want the picture to go(left, center, right, etc) click save changes or insert image and your picture will be added into your article. Pictures will enhance your article increase your onsite optimization which in return increases your website traffic for free.

Great job.You just learned how to do better onsite optimization to increase your ranking on Google. It’s techniques like these that will generate more traffic to your blog by out optimizing your competition to outrank the. Goolge will now give you a better rank for your content. For great tips to increase your ranking read my three part serious on blog optimization by clicking here. If you haven’t been adding pictures to your content to increase your website traffic for free start today!

To your success,

Jack Barnum

P.S. This step is a simple onsite optimization to be better optimized. For secrets to rank your content in under 72 hours click here.


How To Start A Website

If you want to know how to start a website the right way then don’t get involved with these online businesses that offer you website design and a Page #1 listing on search engines. If they aren’t themselves on Page 1 how are they going to get you there? Even more ludicrous is those that promise a #1 listing!

A #1 listing on Google? For every customer? Get real! You know what? They will do as they say, otherwise it might be illegal, but they will give you a #1 listing for a keyword nobody ever uses. Like if you name is Jerry Yankovic IV they will give you a #1 listing for that. Know what I mean?

Forget it. Don’t pay to have your website built for you because it will cost a fortune, and you will be paying for ever to have it maintained. Do you really want to know how to start a website? DIY – that’s right. Do it yourself. That’s what I did and I did it myself.

I am going to take you along exactly the same road that led me to online success, and I will be with you all the way. It won’t be free, but your first few months won’t cost more than $500. What you will need is:


* A website and foolproof web design system
* Keyword research tools
* Traffic analysis software
* Search engine listing software
* Unlimited email addresses
* Unlimited autoresponders (to automate your business)
* A blog (to promote your business)
* A shopping cart system
* A means of receiving credit card payments
* Information on how to do it all
* Much more


I can offer you all of that and more for less than $500. Here’s the breakdown:


* Website: $299
* PayPal : FREE – this allows you to make and accept online payments by credit and debit card.
* All the rest of the above: INCLUDED
* My acclaimed eBook SEOcious selling at $47 FREE
* My article marketing encyclopedia Article Czar FREE


Check out internet millionaire Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt in a new window then return here if you are interested. He knows how to start a website – he is the master! If not, thank you for visiting, and please return again when you get into trouble. Only 1-5% people succeed online, but far more do so with one of Ken’s websites. I will help you with every step, though Ken’s instructions on how to start a website are truly foolproof – not the proverbial ‘foolproof’!


If you are still here you liked what you saw, or are at least interested in being successful online at minimum cost with maximum help. You not only have my help but you also have Ken’s. Give it a go: $299 might seem a lot, but it isn’t. I spent thousands till I found this, and it turned my life around.

Email me your receipt and I will send you SEOcious and Article Czar free. Register for PayPal HERE.

If you prefer a more traditional credit card merchant register with
2Checkout HERE There is a $49 joining fee which is cheap compared to the $400+ charged by the major banks. They also offer a shopping cart.

No other website offering you information on how to start a website can offer you all of this.

DPAPIck v0.3 release notes

Well, I have to admit that it’s been a long time since I wrote here.

Lot of people complained during the past years that DPAPIck was only supporting Windows XP and Vista and basically wanted to know if one day we were going to support newer versions of Microsoft Windows.

Thanks to Francesco Picasso (@dfirfpi), this project now supports Windows versions from XP to the latest Windows 8.1 (sorry, we haven’t tested it on Windows 10 yet). He did the work and sent me a patch that allowed DPAPIck to run against Windows 7 blobs but it was also breaking XP support at the same time. So I took some extra time to give that a bit of polish and to improve a few things on how the tool was processing data.

As a side note, I wish to say that DPAPIck is an opensource project that currently relies on the amount of spare time I can dedicate to it (and being involved in other projects, this amount will not magically increase). But contributions are more than welcome, just like Francesco did.

So, let’s talk a bit on the changes/improvements that we made for v0.3 release:

  • Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 support (long story short, it seems that Microsoft learned how to read an RFC and changed one function on which DPAPI relies and which was not RFC compliant)
  • unit tests ; it was something I wanted to add for a long time to help me avoid stupid bugs and also to be able to extend this tool without experiencing functional regressions
  • iCloud probe (Francesco contribution)
  • Dropbox probe (again, thanks to Francesco for his contributions)
  • Serialization support of internal structures ; at the moment it may seem useless but this feature was needed for the upcoming next release, DPAPIck v0.4
  • PIP compliant installation so, hopefully, one would just have to type “pip install dpapick”
  • LSA secrets extraction supports newer Windows versions; here also Microsoft changed the underlying algorithms so I upgraded this part too (nothing fancy here, I just looked at the code of mimikatz)
  • LSA secrets now extracts both old and current values (previously, only the current value was extracted) and it can display also the timestamps associated with those values
  • Give the ability to add already decrypted masterkeys as well as their hash in the masterkeypool (the goal here is to provide ways of using DPAPIck with stuff that may be extracted at some point from memory dumps using volatility or from a live machine using mimikatz)
  • Improved the decryption algorithm to also test NTLM hash of the password (used for Windows 2000 backward compatible structures)

Is that it?

Well, we are already working with Francesco on DPAPIck v0.4 that is going to includes other big changes that we weren’t able to finish for this release.

Here is a rough overview of what to expect for v0.4:

  • bin/dpapidec tool will disappear for a better frontend (bin/dpapick) that can use the probes
  • Probes API will be upgraded to support the new frontend
  • leverage the serialization of internal structures (v0.3) to save/restore a state
  • Interactive shell as well as scripting support (something pretty similar to what volatility does)
  • Probably some new probes too
  • Python3 readiness (some dependencies such as M2Crypto might not be available in Python3)

On a bigger picture (i.e. features that I want to be there for DPAPIck v1.0), we are probably going to:

  • have a look at DPAPI-ng (used for connected Live accounts),
  • try to have a look on DPAPI related data that mimikatz can export to make them usable with DPAPIck.
  • try to add blob/masterkey creation capability
  • improve the inline documentation
  • provide some documention / guides on the wiki (specially for probes writing)

Leveraging that, DPAPIck would be able to act as a migration tool to import data from a computer A into a computer B, even if they don’t share the same Windows version. Another scenario would be to re-encrypt all the masterkeys with the current password to clear the CREDHIST file.

Again, if you want to contribute to this project, I’d be happy to integrate your patches/files in this project.

You can also use the bug tracker to ask for a feature request that we have not thought about. If you are requesting for additional, please, try to provide some test data for that.

Where to get it?

As usual, you can get the tool on Bitbucket either through mercurial or through the download section (click on the “Tags” tab).

If I didn’t screw up the installation system, you can also try “pip install dpapick” to get it on your computer and benefit from the upgrade capability that it provides 🙂

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D-6 ?

Next week, DPAPIck will finally became the first opensource tool (GPLv3 licence) which is able to deal with DPAPI structures as well as the first tool that can do so from another operating system than Microsoft’s !

It has been entirely re-written in Python and only requires OpenSSL for decryption to be fully cross-platform. It is coming along with several applicative probes that embeds the decryption logic specific to each application that uses DPAPI (eg. Google Talk, Skype, Wireless keys, Internet Explorer, etc.).

And we are not releasing DPAPIck v0.2 alone ! It comes along with other surprises that we let you discover on August 🙂

Until the public release, you will be able to meet us, for the lucky ones who are attending BlackHat USA 2011 or DefCon 19. And if you are attending BlackHat, do not forget to go and see our presentation of OWADE, our new advanced forensic tool !

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No, we’re not dead !

Pour la population francophone intéressée par DPAPI, nous avons rédigé un article qui sera publié dans la revue française MISC pour son numéro 56 (Juillet/Août).

Il reprend l’analyse des structures que nous avons publiée à BlackHat DC 2010, en incluant quelques corrections et quelques unes de nos avancées. Des bouts de scripts Python permettant de déchiffrer les structures sont également fournis dans l’article.

Nous continuons nos travaux sur le sujet et DPAPIck a été entièrement réécrit en Python pour faciliter les développements et les tests. Cette version devrait prochainement être mise à disposition de la communauté.

For non-French people, the above paragraphs are telling that we are about to publish an article about DPAPI in a French magazine that includes code snipplets in Python to decrypt the structures we talked about at BlackHat DC 2010.

We are still working on that subject and our tool, DPAPIck, has been entirely rewrote in Python to help us adding new features more easily. This new version may soon be made available to the community. Stay tuned !

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