Trouble Shooting Internet Marketing Problems

As you have seen from previous posts, I am very familiar with a lot of 4 letter words. These were not prevalent in my vocabulary until I stated to market products online. So to sum up – here is what you might encounter when making a sniper site, amazon estore, or promoting CPA offers.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been sitting in front of my computer so frustrated I wanted to smash my fucking head through the monitor. Don’t let this type of thing happen to you. I am going to share with you a few techniques to prevent you from doing this yourself. Mostly this is common sense stuff here, but a lot of us (me included when I was just starting out in internet marketing) are desperate to make any kind of money online. We don’t give a shit if it is just one sale a day, we just want to sell something right now!

There are many things to look at when dealing with problems. The main ones are traffic, low CTR, and just plain not selling shit online.

Traffic. The way, the golden ticket. Everything, no matter what you are marketing has to have traffic. I don’t like to pay for mine, but I do on occasion because this is a business, and you have to think about it that way. Everytime you logon to do some work, just becuase you aren’t sitting in a cubicle stuffing coffee after coffee down your throat, means nothing. I sit on my couch when I work. Its comfortable and makes me feel like I am doing this more for fun, but I always keep in mind the business aspect of my work. If traffic isn’t coming into your website organically, you may need to step back a bit and think about all the things that may or may not hurt you in driving traffic to your webpage. Are your articles long enough? I have gotten away with a few sniper sites that only had three articles a piece on them, but mostly I shoot for 4 or 5 articles at least 500 words a piece. Is your online SEO where it needs to be to drive traffic? Remember to mention your main keyword at least 3 times in your article and stuff the rest of the articles with longtailed LSI keywords. You would be suprised who finds this site and the search terms that they put in that brings them here. Turn off the computer and think of ways you might be screwing the pooch, write them down and take a time out. Trust me, the money will be there when you get back. I am guilty of wanting results NOW so I would produce sloppy pages and shitty onpage SEO.

Low CTR your problem? Is your soft sell page a little too soft? Do you review the product honestly and put a picture of your face next to the review so that the people who visit the site actually see a real, and relatable person is the one who wrote it? Are your affiliate links correct?? This is a big one. I don’t give a shit if you put thirty five links on your page, manually click every last one of those bastards to make sure they go where they are supposed to go. A lot of Clickbank affiliates will even cloak your affiliate ID on their homepage so instead of it just says Go to the order page and scroll all the way to the bottom and make sure it says {affiliate ID = yourname}. Do this on all your clickbank promotional sites. Remember the demographic example I had in an earlier post . If you are selling cosmetics chances are they are going to want to see a woman’s face, not a goateed Scots-Irish dude selling eye shadow. Keep these things in mind.

Tweaking takes time as well. Very few occasions will you find that one tweak to your affililate site will generate better results overnight. Tweaks often happen over a few days to weeks, especially if you are trying to rank higher in the SERPs.

Bottom line – Take a break! Trust me, you will returned more focused and able to laser in on your problems much quicker.


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