Upgrading your PC for gaming

So – you are a gamer? Or, at the very least you want to be a gamer. It is a very serious undertaking, an endeavor that should not be looked at too lightly. After all, gaming is not just a mere hobby.
It is a culture and even a lifestyle choice in some cases. Some games have thousands of web sites dedicated to them and others have entire conventions!
So be sure you are ready for a real change because there is no returning from this change of pace of real world jobs and people to online friends in the millions. Once you are ready – read on.


The games that you want to play (either now or in the near future) have a great bearing on what you want to add to your computer. If you are an online gamer there are things you would want and need that someone who hates online games but plays graphic reach games like F.E.A.R would need.
Keep your current limits in mind of course because some games you may never be able to play on your current system even with upgrades.


The workhorse of the computer the processor is what makes all your games work so well. How much data runs from point A to point B and it all translates in how smooth your game will run under some of the heaviest gameplay sessions you have.
Most games will run fine on your standard Pentium III and AMD Athlon chipsets. My personal preference is the AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor – especially with gaming as the processors can translate multiple strings of information.


Being able to save data into the cache of the memory to use as it is needed is very important to keep games moving smoothly. More memory translates into being able to regurgitate information that the software program uses often during the course of the game.
The memory also helps with graphic processing to make them smooth and non-pixilated. How much memory you need is up to you. Most games today, however, will not run on 512k very well. A minimum of 1GB in memory is a good start but 2GB is even better.


Obviously playing games involves graphics. On board graphics rarely does the trick so we are always upgrading to make them work for us more efficiently. ATI makes some killer PCI and AGP graphics cards. Always look for a graphic card that has memory on the card that will run independent of the computer’s onboard graphics. 64MB is a nice platform, but 128MB would suffice just fine.


You want to hear all those wonderful sound effects don’t you? Well of course you do. While in most cases your computers built in sound card will be good enough you may want to hear the full richness that the game designers intended. Sondblaster has always had some of the best sound cards on the market and should never be overlooked.


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