Why You Should Participate in Guest Blogging Contests?

After the guest blogging dead, many bloggers are confused whether they should continue with it or not. However, it’s not like that you can’t choose the guest blogging now. Still, there are many blogs that are allowing you to post as a Guest.

Even if you provide a highly researched article to a blog, they might pay you. The youronline.biz is such a blog where you can get an amount of 100$ for posting as a Guest. But the article should be according to their need as they have mentioned in their Terms & conditions.

Well, there are still the opportunities for you to get exposure via guest blogging. The death of guest blogging is only for them who just want some backlink for their blog in return.

Many blog owners follow the strategies to host some giveaway contests. The Guest Blogging Contest is one of such contests that may help you to aware the world about your presence and get new audiences for the blog.

Currently, I have also participated in a contest on Trickmik[dot]com. And after participating I got to know the benefits of this participation. The trickmik.com owner has put a price for the winners as some amount. But there will be some more benefits other than just money in case if you don’t win the guest blogging contest.

So, in this blog post I’m sharing some goodies that you can get from a guest blogging contest.


Getting the new Audiences

Every blog has their own range for getting an audience. Every blog owner has their own Blogging network by which they get the reader and audience for the blog. Your participation in such a blog will bring the new audience, for your blog (in case you have provided your author bio along with the guest post).

Who else don’t want new audience?

Increasing Readership

After getting a positive response to your article, you will feel that your readership is getting boosted. When someone reads your article and leaves their feedback, then you are on the right path for increasing the readership. No matter who left it, but you are owning it.


Not only you are there to participate in the contest. A lot of people will crowd around you. The best thing I liked was the new connections with other bloggers. I even never heard of them, but now they are on my list and I am on their list.

Recently I made a new blogging friend Aman Bansal from moneybies.com


Would you like to get a new experience? What blogging always tells you is the learning. More you will learn, the more will you earn from it. However, I have felt no new change in myself yet, but I am sure, in the end I will be owning some new skills.


Do good, have Good. This is true in blogging also. If you will help someone, definitely they will help you back when you’ll need them. The only help a blogger ask is the sharing of the blog posts over social media and the feedbacks. As I have already told, every person has a specific blogging network of people.

By mutual sharing, you can get even more social signals for your blog articles.

Building Authority

In case if you are able to provide a very useful guide for the other people via your guest post, it will surely create you influence among them and you could be able to acquire some authority. (Who else will miss such opportunity J? )

The Joy of Winning

What happens when you used to finish your assignments and feel like a winner. In case, you are declared to be the winner of a guest blogging contest, you will get a huge exposure and that’s the golden opportunity to take away your brand to the next level.


As, I said above, I have also participated in the Guest Blogging contest. My title for the contest is

In this article, I have discussed a few guides that can help to continue the Interest and passion in the blogging and presenting it in the correct way. If you like that article then kindly leave some feedback there and share on your social profiles.


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