Craps Tips & Tricks: How to Win More Often at Craps


At first glance, Craps looks like a simple dice game, but it is actually a varied and exciting casino game with many betting options. And thousands of virtual casinos have this brilliant game on offer. If you master the game, you can have a lot of fun at the gaming table and win attractive and high winnings. Let your next craps gaming session really rock with our craps guide!

Familiarize yourself with Craps game rules and betting options

Only if you know the rules of Craps and have mastered the game can you become a professional at Craps and make winnings. In craps, you roll two dice and bet on which numbers the dice show. Some numbers result in the player immediately losing his bet or winning money. 7 or 11 as the sum of the numbers on the dice is a winning combination, and 12, 3, or 2 results in the loss of the bet or “craps”.

If the result is 10, 4, 5, 6, 9, or 8, the player must roll the dice again. If the same number appears on the dice this time, the player has won. And different rules apply to the first and second throws, so you have to take that into account. If you didn’t win the first throw (run), the second run begins. The player who lost passes the dice to the next players.

Pay attention to money management


And here’s our first tip: Don’t you ever forget to pay attention to your bankroll? Even with craps, you have to practice bankroll management wisely and manage your own finances well. Only risk money playing craps, the loss of which may not be so crucial for you. This should be based on your budget and your monthly expenses. 1-5% of the monthly bankroll for a gaming session is adequate.

Benefit from casino bonus offers

Whether you play craps or another game in a virtual casino, it is advisable to take advantage of and use bonuses and promotions from the gaming provider. These bonuses help the player to supplement his coffers and increase his chances of winning. Use bonuses to top up your balance or play craps for play money for longer.

Play Craps In Demo Mode


There is no better way to learn craps than playing it for real money in demo mode. Therefore, find a craps online game in a casino that is also available in demo mode and play it. You don’t have to deposit any money and so you don’t risk anything. Try different bets and do whatever you can to understand the game better. What are Pass Line, Field, Point bets? How do other bets work in craps? Try to understand the game in detail.

Apply Craps Strategies

This tip is for players who already know craps basics and want to improve their probability of winning. You can find many craps strategies on the Internet, but we would only like to discuss two tried and tested strategies here. They can also be combined with each other. The strategy is to avoid the bets in the middle of the table that have the highest house edge. It is generally worth calculating the payout ratio and house edge for each bet. Furthermore, you have to start every roll with a pass line bet, which also has the low house edge.

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