Seven Interesting Facts About Craps

variants of Craps

Craps is one of the most exciting casino games around, even if it is not the most popular game. But it’s worth discovering this game on offer at casinos! There are at least seven reasons that make this game unique. Continue reading our post to know more about it.

There are several variants of craps

What makes Craps even more exciting is the variety of different variants of Craps that can be discovered at virtual and land-based casinos. They are Crapless Craps, New York Craps, Bank Craps, Simplified Craps, Rich Craps, High Limit Craps, Diceless Craps, and Low Limit Craps. As far as crapless craps is concerned, it is a version of craps without a don’t pass bet.

In New York Craps, Don’t Pass, Place, and Pass bets are also excluded from gameplay. Simplified Craps allows players to place bets on just one roll. In Rich Craps you only play with one dice. In High Point Craps, the rules are different from the rules of the standard version. All numbers over 12 become winning numbers. Diceless Craps is the version of the game without dice and with 44 playing cards.

There’s a buzz around the craps tables in casinos

variants of Craps

And this means that the process in craps is very different from that in poker. A craps table in a land-based casino has up to four employees during the game. And the game itself is lively and sociable: you can communicate with other players while playing. So it’s very different from poker, where you stay silent and don’t have to show your emotions. Therefore, craps is a great game for social gaming evenings and casino parties.

Each Craps bet has its own odds

There are a lot of bets in craps, and each of them has its own odds (payout ratio) and house edge. This makes it worth paying attention to odds when playing. Don’t Pass and Pass bets are the most profitable. Betting with the lowest house edge of just 1.41%. The Field bet already has a house edge of 5.60%, and the Seven bet has a house edge of 16.70%. The lower the house edge, the lower the payout. The difference between the payout ratio for Pass bets and Seven bets is stark: they are 1:1 and 4:1.

The construction of the craps table is complicated

Craps is characterized by the number of betting forms. Therefore, the craps table has a complicated structure. It consists of three areas: a central area and two side areas with inserts. In the middle range, money is bet on proposition bets. The dealer always takes part. As for the side areas of the craps table, that’s where you place your own money on the bets. And there are areas for Field, Pass, Come as well as Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets.

You always play against the bank

variants of Craps

What makes this game so special is that it is always played against the bank, whether you are playing craps in a casino or online casino. Depending on the number on the dice, the player or the bank (the casino) wins. Sometimes you have to keep betting until the certain number is not reached.

It’s crap!

The word “Craps” translated into German means “crap”. The craps situation in the game is actually “crap”: “craps” or “crap” is the situation in the game when 12, 3, or 2 have fallen. Then the player lost to the bank.

Craps has its own lingo

Did you know that craps has its own lingo? They are English terms that are always used in craps. “Yo” means the number 11. “Shooter” stands for the dice roller, and “Apron” refers to the edge of the craps table.

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